List of 10 Active Fully Funded Scholarships to study abroad 2022-2023

Are you an International student? Waiting for an opportunity to study abroad for free in one of the top ranked universities around the world, We have compiled a list of active fully funded study abroad scholarships for the academic years 2022-2023. All these International Scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral degree programmes and almost all kind of study abroad programs are offered.

These 10 International Scholarships are fully funded because most of these scholarships are for International students and student do not need to pay any tuition fee and students also get allowances for living and other costs. Applicants from all over the world are applicable to apply for these scholarships.

Most of these scholarships do not require IELTS. Many participants dream is to study in prestigious university of the world. Student can see below each university’s scholarship opportunities. There is no application fee.

All the universities are prestigious and top ranked universities with best research facilities around the world. Scholarships offered by these top ranked universities are fully funded which cover all your tuition fees, living allowance, stipend, medical insurance and many other allowances are also granted. Its a life changing opportunity for students. So don’t miss out this opportunity.

When applying to study abroad many questions comes in the mind of students, so we have complied a list of QnA which is given below:

Why study abroad? Because it gives you an international platform to learn from top ranked institutes, not only that students also get to experience the different culture, learn new languages and broaden their knowledge.

How to study abroad for free | how to study abroad? Yes students you can study abroad anywhere in the world for free by applying to below listed scholarships. Many study abroad benefits are offered by Government based scholarships and universities also offer many scholarships for international students which covers tuition fee, provide students with accommodation and monthly stipend so that it will help them in supporting their education.

Many fully funded scholarships in Canada available – Top 10 Scholarships in Canada – Fully Funded – Study in Canada

To study abroad which country is best? Students can study in Asian countries as well as in European countries. In this article we have organized a list of best study abroad countries scholarships so check below for more details.

Study on scholarship in Canada Check here – Study in Canada 2022 – Scholarships in Canada

How to get a scholarship for studying abroad? Its very easy you just need to check on which scholarship you want to apply to study abroad. As fully funded scholarships for international students are available so students just need to follow the procedure and apply.

List of Scholarships:

#1 The GATES Scholarship Program:

Bill Gates Scholarship Program 2022 is for International students to study in all academic fields in USA on Fully funded basis. 300 scholarships are provided by Gates Scholarship Program to all the International students. Student can pursue their undergraduate studies in all kind of academic fields.

Deadline: September, 2022

For More Information: Visit here

#2 Top 5 UK International Scholarship Program:

UK Government are offering best scholarships in the most prestigious universities of UK. This article covers different fully funded scholarships in England. The UK Scholarships are open and they are accepting applications for bachelorMasters, and PhD Degree Programs.

Deadline: Different Deadlines

For More Information: Visit here

#3 KAIST University Scholarship Program:

KAIST University scholarship is one of the most top rank universities of Korea, offering fully funded scholarships to International students around the world. Student can pursue their Master, Master leading to PHD and PHD students. You don’t need IELTS And TOFEL.

Deadline: August To September

For More Information: Visit here

#4 Chevening Scholarship Program in UK Fully Funded:

Government of UK is offering scholarships to International students who want to study in UK. 1500+ Scholarships are offered by Chevening Scholarship Program for year 2022-2023. Scholarships are offered to Master’s students.

Deadline: November 2022

For More Information: Visit here

#5 National Tsing Hua University Scholarship Fully Funded:

All International students can apply to National Tsinghua University. Scholarships are open for International students to study in one of the most beautiful country Taiwan. Student can pursue Degree programs in Master and PHD Students.

Deadline: November ,2022

For More Information: Visit here

#6 Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Fully Funded:

Applications to Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships Are open. In Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship, Student can pursue Degree Programs in Master, PHD and Post Doctoral studies. All these Scholarships are offered in Top Ranked and best universities of Switzerland.

Deadline: Different Deadlines

For More Information: Visit here

#7 Scholarships in JAPAN Fully Funded:

Japan Scholarship Program is offering scholarships in best universities of Japan, student do not need IELTS / TOFEL Score test report, as many universities are giving scholarship without the proficiency of English and Japanese Language.

Deadline: Different Deadlines

For More Information: Visit here

#8 Knight Hennessy Scholarship Fully Funded:

All International students are applicable to apply for Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program. Knight Hennessy University is top rank university. University provide funding to the selected students for scholarship. Student can pursue Master’s and PHD Degree Programs for Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program. 100+ Fully funded scholarships

Deadline: October 12th, 2022

For More Information: Visit here

#9 Khalifa University Scholarship in UAE:

Top ranked and most prestigious Khalifa University is offering scholarships for pre-medical students, and doctors of medicine, undergraduates, master’s students, PhD students.  There is no Application fee.

Deadline: varies

For More Information: Visit here

#10 University of Nottingham Scholarship Fully Funded:

UK University of Nottingham scholarship is a fully funded scholarship which is offered to International students. PHD Degree Level Programs are offered by This Fully Funded Scholarship in the academic field of engineering. 

Deadline: varies

For More Information: Visit here

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