Top 5 UK Scholarships for International Students

Are you an International Student looking for an opportunity to study in UK? So here is your chance to study in UK. I have written this article to help you out in selecting the best scholarships for your study in UK.

All these UK Scholarships are for International students to pursue their Bachelor’s, Master’s and PHD Degree in their academic fields. All Institutes under these scholarships are best and top-ranked with highly qualified professional teachers.

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Following is the list of the top 5 UK Scholarships

#1 The Chevening Scholarships:

UK Government is offering the Chevening scholarship program to all International students who have high academic results and want to pursue their educational careers in the UK.

The Chevening Scholarship Program is offered to Master’s Degree students and it is a fully funded program covering all the costs of students including tuition fees, accommodation, and other allowances are also given. As the Master’s in the UK is two years, for 1st year student needs to study and in the second year student needs to do an internship, So this Scholarship will be offered for 1 year study of MASTER’s Degree.

For More Information, visit the official site.

#2 Euraxess UK:

 British Council introduced the Euraxess UK Program for International students around the globe who want to research in the UK or any other country, this program supports such researchers in carrying out their research.

The Euraxess UK programme support the following researchers:

  • first stage researcher (postgraduate level)
  • early career researcher (postdoctoral level)
  • experienced researcher (over 6 years post-doctorate)

For more information, visit official site.

#3 The Royal Society Grants:

Many of the world’s most eminent scientists are members of the Royal Society. The Royal Society is one of the oldest academies and it is still running and providing the best opportunity for International Researchers. The Royal Society’s basic objectives are as follows: 

  • to encourage scientific brilliance
  • to encourage international collaboration
  • to demonstrate the value of science to everyone

The fellowship offers different grants and fellowships. The Royal Society Grants are given to International students with high research potential.

For more Information, visit official site.

#4 The Commonwealth Scholarships:

The Commonwealth Scholarship is one of the biggest scholarship programs 2024 of UK. It has different scholarship programs some are for Master’s studies and some for PHD and higher educational level.

  • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

Every year, many International students apply to Commonwealth scholarships and get an opportunity to study in the best institutes of UK. Scholarships are given to students whose academic backgrounds are strong and their research abilities are good.

For More Information, visit official site.

#5 Scholarships from UK universities:

Many UK Universities also offer Universities scholarships to International students. Some of these scholarship provided are fully funded and some are partially funded based on student need. Some of the UK University Scholarships are as follows:

You can search these scholarships and grant by visiting their official sites.

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