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For the academic year 2023-2024, British Council UK has announced International scholarships and funding. Every student’s dream is to study abroad, with British Council Scholarships, students can finance their studies and live their dream life in the UK.

British Council Scholarships in the UK:

The Government of the UK offers different scholarships and grants for International students to study at the best and top-ranked universities in the UK. Many Universities also offer scholarships to worldwide students. Students can study postgraduate degree programs in UK Universities on fully funded scholarships. Check the official link here.

You can also check UK Scholarship:

Top 5 UK Scholarships for International Students

Students get to study in the best and top-ranked institutes in the UK. This opportunity not only brings the chance to study in the UK but students also experience the culture of the UK, connecting with students, professionals, and teachers from other countries.

Financial assistance from the Government of the UK, helps students to fund their studies. In this article, we have explained all the scholarships and grants offered by British Council UK.

Host Country: UK

Host Institute: Best Universities of the UK

Funded by: British Council Scholarship

Financial Assistance: Funded and Fully Funded

Degree Level: Short courses, Master’s, and Doctoral Degree Programs

Scholarships Offered by British Council Scholarship Program:

Different scholarships are offered by the British Council Scholarship program. We have arranged a list of all the scholarships.

Global Scholarships

#1 Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships:

Scholarship Detail: Scottish Government offers Scotland Saltire Scholarship to International students. Students get to study in Scottish universities and colleges. With the help of the Scotland Saltire Scholarship program, students become influential leaders.

Degree Level: Postgraduate Master Studies

Academic Field of Study: Technology, science, healthcare and medical sciences, creative industries, and renewable and clean energy.

Country: Canada, China (including Hong Kong), India, Japan, Pakistan, and the USA

For more information, visit official site here.

#2 A.S. Hornby Trust Scholarship:

Scholarship Detail: This scholarship is specifically offered to English teachers to make their English language skills better. This scholarship program offers a Master’s in TESOL at the University of Warwick. This is a one-year study program.

Degree Level: Master Study Program

Country: Check the eligible country list here.

For more information, visit official site here.

#3 Chevening Fellowships:

Scholarship Detail: Chevening Fellowships are one of the famous scholarships offered to International students. With Chevening Fellowship Program students get to experience career development in their fields.

Degree Level: Short Courses, Opportunities for mid-career professionals.

Country: Check the eligible country list through the link given below.

For more information, visit here.

#4 Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan:

Scholarship Detail: Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship program is offered to Master and PhD degree students in top ranked universities in UK.

Degree Level: Master’s, Doctorate degree programs, other fellowships

Country: Commonwealth countries

For more information about Master scholarship, visit here.

For more information about PhD scholarship, visit here.

#5 GREAT Scholarships:

Scholarship Detail: GREAT scholarships are offered to International students from 18 countries to pursue their postgraduate studies in the UK and gain once-in-a-lifetime experience. Students get 10,000 euros for their 1-year postgraduate degree program.

Degree Level: Master’s Degree Program for 1-year of study

Country: For country list, check the link given below

For more information, visit official site here.

#6 British Council scholarships for women in STEM:

Scholarship Detail: These scholarships are offered to especially women of America, South Asian, and South East Asia. With this scholarship program, women get to study science, technology, engineering or mathematics program at most prestigious and top-ranked UK university.

Degree Level: Master Degree Program for women

Country: America, South Asia, South East Asia

For more information, visit official site here.

Country-specific scholarships

#1 Young Cell Scheme:

Scholarship Detail: Young Cell Scheme is offered to International students whose nationality is of Kosovo country.

Degree Level: Master Degree Program

Country: Kosovo

For more information, visit official site here.

#2 Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships:

Scholarship Detail: Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarship provides Pakistani students with the facility to study doctoral degree programs, research in UK universities under scholarship program. This scholarship trust supports students who can not afford their studies.

Degree Level: Visiting fellowship, research, doctoral studies

Country: Pakistan

For more information, visit official site here.

#3 Marshall Scholarship:

Scholarship Detail: This scholarship program is offered to International students belonging to USA. Students with a good academic backgrounds are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. Every year 50 students are selected for the Marshall Scholarship program.

Degree Level: Master, Doctoral Degree Programs

Country: USA

For more information, visit official site here.

Science and research funding

#1 Marshall Sherfield Fellowships:

Scholarship Detail: Marshall Sherfield Fellowship Program 2023 is open to America nationality students. Students get to take post doctorate studies in UK best university or research institute.

Degree Level: Post-doctoral research

Country: USA

For more information, visit official site here.

#2 Euraxess UK:

Scholarship Detail: This program aids International researchers from the whole globe to research in best institutes of UK. This opportunity provides support and aid to students to carry out their research.

Degree Level: Research placements in UK

Country: Global

For more information, visit official site here.

#3 Royal Society grants:

Scholarship Detail: This opportunity provides Royal Society Grants to International students around the whole globe to study postdoctoral science research in UK Universities.

Degree Level: Postdoctoral science research

Country: Global

For more information, visit official site here.

#4 Newton Fund Ph.D. Call – India:

Scholarship Detail: This opportunity is offered to India students.

Degree Level: Short-term Ph.D. placements between UK and Indian institutes

Country: India

For more information, visit official site here.

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