VCDNP Paid Internship in Austria is developed to help those demonstrating their commitment to disarmament and nonproliferation. Candidates from those countries who have high percentage of population can apply for this internship program. VCDNP internship program is for international students all over the world in Europe which help you to carry out and create research projects relevant to nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. Job seekers who wish that their career grow with well-equipped company they can apply for VCDNP Paid Internship Program.

VCDNP will allow you to conduct your research under the guidance of experienced and highly skilled researchers. You will be able to participate in the lectures, courses, seminars and conferences held by VCDNP Program. By connecting you through these events, you will have the chance to connect with experts in CTBTO, the IAEA and other different international organizations.

VCDNP paid internship provides you golden opportunities in Europe which will help you to improve your interpersonal and communication skills by meeting different people with diverse viewpoints and perspectives regarding the same relevant subject. So, if you have prominent skills in English and have a good understanding of contemporary collaborative techniques and platforms, then you must to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

About VCDNP Paid Internship Program 2022

Candidates having a degree in international relationship, political science, biology, chemistry engineering or a relevant field are welcomed to submit applications for the top well-recognized internship program VCDNP opportunity. Students availing this opportunity will gain knowledge globally. The aim of VCDNP program is to advance the diplomatic dialogue between national governments, international organizations and civil society on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation.

VCDNP paid internship for hands-on learning in Vienna encouraged you to be involved in the education awareness and training sessions on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation issues. The main aim of the Vienna Centre is to promote peace and security by providing an open platform for independent discussion, analysis and decisions.

Vienna Centre DNP is actively involved with other different organizations to accomplish its primary set goals. VCDNP internship program will give you development opportunity and excellent training to be recognized on the international platform and navigate you towards a direction to spread ease all over the world, especially in the emerging and less-represented states.

Vienna Centre provides this working opportunity within Europe for Non-Proliferation and Disarmament International NGO which is Non-governmental organization. It was established on 10th October, 2010, developed by the Austrian Foreign Ministry and its management is under the James Martin Center for Non-Proliferation education in the United States of America.

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VCDNP provides platform to bring together multiple participants in a single forum in which the developed informed dialogue is based on the successful contributions of experts in the field and policymakers. With the assistance of VCDNP’s events, VCDNP and its stakeholders main aim is to improve their understanding of how to sustainably make use of radioactive and nuclear materials to help promote peace across the whole world. By this way, connections will build between all nations regarding nuclear security.

Working in VCDNP will make your bright future ahead and you will get to know different people and work with the collaborative intelligent people.

VCDNP best company in the world it’s a golden chance for everyone to serve in the world’s biggest company and this internship opportunities around the world that will introduce you to real world challenges and fresh thinking to have a real impact in world.

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Host Country: Austria

Host Organization: VCDNP Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

Financial Coverage: Monthly Salary 1100 Euros

Duration of Internship: Six Months

Internship Location: Vienna

Benefits of VCDNP Internship Program

  • VCDNP Internship will cover monthly salary of 1100 Euros.
  • A stipend will be given to cover the airfare cost.
  • A stipend will be given to cover the cost of transportation.
  • VCDNP provide excellent corporate environment to internee.
  • Internee will improve presentation and communication skills.
  • Internee will be able to play role in ensuring stability and peace all around the world.
  • Limited amount is given which is based on the location in the event of remote work.

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Eligibility Criteria for VCDNP Internship Program

  • Fresh Graduates from the fields of science and policy are eligible to apply
  • Applicants applying must show their enthusiasm for the fields of disarmament and nonproliferation
  • Applicant must have good English Language communication skills
  • Language proficiency other than English is highly recommendable
  • Proficient in using MS Office
  • Are you familiar with virtual meetings?
  • Virtual collaboration platforms experience
  • Graphic Arts and Digital Media experience is highly desirable
  • Must be physically fit in the workplace
  • People from developing nations are highly recommended to fill out an application
  • Female’s applicants are strongly encouraged to apply

Eligible Countries:

Multiple Countries

What documents are required for applying for VCDNP Paid Internship?

For more details you can check VCDNP official link which is given here.

  • A valid Passport is required
  • Applicant must have Visa for Austria
  • Applicant must write samples in English which is not more than five pages
  • A CV is required
  • Two Recommendation Letters

How to apply for VCDNP Paid Internship Program 2022?

  • Applicant must apply on official website of VCDNP
  • Applicants must fill in necessary details given in form
  • Applicant must answer the following questions:
    • Why you’re interested in this job, give reasons?
    • What knowledge and experience you have regarding nuclear questions?
  • Applicant must sure to upload resume in PDF format
  • Applicant must sure to upload Writing sample which is written in English language
  • Applicant must send the two recommendation letters.
  • Applicant must fill and complete all fields that are mentioned
  • Applicant must fill the form very attentively and don’t forget to submit the form

What is the Application Deadline for VCDNP Paid Internship Program 2022?

The deadline for VCDNP Paid Internship Program is July 31, 2022.

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