KPMG Internship Program | Fully Funded Internship Program

Applications to KPMG Internship Program are now open for international students. This is a Global Internship Program will be a fully funded internship program. The Duration of KPMG Internship Program is 4 weeks. The aim of KPMG is to start your global career and become a professional in your field.

KPMG’s Global Internship Program provides opportunity to start your global career through a four-week rotation in another country.

KPMG is an opportunity for international students who have already accepted an internship offer with KPMG in their home country to gain knowledge. With this internship program students can work with talented KPMG professionals. Through this internship, you will get benefit from performance management and have access to our top-rated training.

To pursuing a career in global business, international contacts are necessary. You will make connections through this internship that will benefit you in your career. A person you connect via e-mail long after you returned home, this internship program will give you the chance to learn from highly skilled professionals all around the world.

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By living and working abroad is different experience. This program is beneficial for KPMG and you because clients deserve knowledge and in-depth work experience globally. By working at international level it provides you golden opportunity to expand your understanding of multicultural and make you a stronger professional from the starting day.

KPMG Internship:

Host Country: KPMG locations in the countries

Host Organization: KPMG

Financial Assistance: Fully Funded

Duration: Four Weeks

Internship Benefits

As this internship is offered to international students to have a life changing experience. The KPMG internship program offer students with following benefits:

  • Provide support for visa fees.
  • Covers flight and lodges costs.
  • Provide with related tools and resources.
  • Students get to enrich their field knowledge.
  • Strong connections.

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Eligibility Criteria

Following eligibility criteria should be met for KPMG Internship Program:

  • Students applying for KPMG must have practical experience.
  • International students who are graduates can apply.
  • Student should have motivation to apply for the KPMG Internship program.
  • Student must have motivation to thrive against the challenges.

How to Apply

  • Student need to check the requirements and application procedure for KPMG Internship Country in which they are interested in applying.
  • Compile all the required documents and upload all the required documents.
  • Complete all the required fields and submit the application.

Selection Criteria

  • Motivations for pursuing a global internship.
  • Make a personal impression when giving interview.


No deadline so apply as soon as possible.

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