European Government Scholarships for International Students

Europe is one of the famous destinations for students to study abroad. Europe provides international students with many scholarship programs to study at top universities in Europe. Also, many countries in Europe provide students with European Government Scholarships to support their studies.

European Government Scholarships

Altogether there are many world-class universities in different countries of Europe. Also, the Governments of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Denmark, and Italy provide international students with funded and fully funded scholarship programs and get a chance to study in Europe.

Basically, in this article, we have gathered all the European Government Scholarship Programs offered to worldwide students. Correspondingly students can pursue their educational career in bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs in all kinds of academic fields offered by the best and out-class universities in Europe.

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List of European Government Scholarships

#1 Orange Knowledge Program

Orange Knowledge Program is a Government Scholarship Program offered to international students in the Netherlands to pursue their academic careers in Masters’s and short courses. Eventually, the duration for short courses is 2 weeks to 12 months and the duration for the master’s degree program is 12 to 24 months. Also, the scholarship is a fully funded scholarship program that covers tuition fees, visa, travel, insurance, and living allowances. Applications are opening in February, so prepare your documents and apply as soon as possible.

To Apply – CHK: Orange Knowledge Scholarship Program – HERE

#2 Holland Scholarship Program

Holland Scholarship Program is a Government based scholarship offered to Non-EEA International Students. Students can study bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Holland Scholarship Program and get a chance to study in Holland. Following, this program is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. Also, all international students outside EEA are eligible for Holland Scholarship Program. The grant provided to an international student is €5000. Henceforth, the deadline to apply for Holland Scholarship Program is 1 February 2023 or 1 May 2023/1 June 2023.

To Apply – CHK: Holland Scholarship Program – HERE

#3 Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarship

This scholarship program is offered to Master’s degree students in the universities of Flanders and Brussels. Master Mind Scholarship Program is offered by the government of Flanders, Belgium. Every year 45 scholarships are awarded to Master Mind International students from all around the world. Master Mind scholarship offers €8,400 every year with a tuition fee waiver. The duration of the scholarship program is 2 years for Master’s studies. The deadline to apply for the Master Mind scholarship program is  28th April 2023, please check the eligibility criteria and apply to the Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarship Program.

To Apply – CHK: Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarship – HERE

#4 VLIR-UOS Scholarship Program

The VLIR-UOS Scholarship program is offered to international students who want to pursue their education in a Master’s degree program. Forthwith, Students belonging to Asia, Africa, and Latin America Countries are applicable to apply for VLIR-UOS Scholarship Program. 10 scholarships will be awarded to students who want to pursue their education in Belgium. This is a fully funded scholarship program that covers all the expenses including tuition fees, travel expenses, accommodation, and insurance. The deadline to apply for the VLIR-UOS Scholarship program is 1 February or 28 February 2023.


#5 DAAD Scholarship Germany

DAAD Scholarships in Germany are offered for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses. This scholarship is offered to developed and newly industrialized country citizens. Students who are applying for the DAAD Postgraduate scholarship program must have a two-year experience prior to applying for Masters and Ph.D. Degree program. Master degree students also get 861 euros and Ph.D. degree students get 1,200 euros. The duration of a DAAD scholarship for Master’s studies is 12 to 24 months and for Ph.D. studies 42 months. Lastly, the application for DAAD Scholarship will open in August 2023.

To Apply – CHK: DAAD Scholarship Program – HERE

#6 Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Program is offered by the Government of Switzerland to promote international exchange. This Switzerland scholarship is offered to international students from more than 180 countries. Also, Students get to study in Ph.D. and Postdoctoral degree programs at the most prestigious universities in Switzerland. Furthermore, the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that covers tuition fees, monthly stipends, airfare, travel expenses, health insurance, and accommodation. The Application will open in August 2023.

To Apply – CHK: Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Program – HERE

#7 Swedish Institute Scholarship

This is a new scholarship program introduced by the Government of Sweden for Global Professionals. SISGP offer a scholarship to Master’s degree international students so that they can study in top-class universities in Sweden and gain life-changing experience from top professionals and mentors and carry out their research with highly equipped technology. Furthermore, for the academic year 2023, 350 scholarships will be offered to international students which will cover tuition fees, allowance, health insurance, and travel grant. The Time to apply for SISGP is from 10 February until 28 February 2023.

To Apply – CHK: SISGP – HERE

#8 Danish Government Scholarships

Danish Government Scholarship Program is offered by the Danish Ministry of Education. Following, every year international student are invited to study at the top-ranked and prestigious universities in Denmark. Students can also pursue their education in the Master’s Degree Program and students belonging to Non-EU/EEA International Students are welcome to apply for Danish Government Scholarship Program. Different scholarships are awarded to students, hence which are fully funded and partially funded. Hence, the application period for Danish Government Scholarship Program starts in March-April 2023.

To Apply – CHK: Danish Government Scholarship Program – HERE

#9 Italian Government Scholarships

The Italian Government Scholarship Program is offered by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to bring international students from all around the world. Also, this scholarship is offered to pursue a master’s and Ph.D. Studies. Italian Government Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship covering tuition fees, financial grants will be provided and also provide health insurance. Applications will open soon for the Italian Government Scholarship Program.

To Apply – CHK: Italian Government Scholarship Program – HERE

#10 Eiffel Excellence Scholarships

Top international students are invited to apply for Eiffel Scholarship Program. Hence, this scholarship is offered by French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. Students get to study in France on fully funded scholarship and gain multi-cultural experience. International students can study master’s and Ph.D. degree programs. The applications will soon start in the academic year 2023.

To Apply – CHK: Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program – HERE

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