International Priority Scholarship (IPS) 2024 in Indonesia

The International Priority Scholarship (IPS) is a scholarship program offered by the Indonesian government for international students to study in Indonesia. Are you interested in applying for the International Priority Scholarship (IPS) in Indonesia? Well, the Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta is offering fully funded scholarships for undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. studies. And guess what? There are lots of benefits included too!

This fully funded scholarship program covers tuition fees, and you’ll also receive a round-trip air ticket. On top of that, you’ll get a monthly living allowance of IDR 1,750,000/- and a book allowance of IDR 50,000/-. Isn’t that great?

This scholarship is specifically for young Muslims who have completed their education or are currently studying in Muslim developing countries. Also, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 18 months because some countries don’t have embassies in Indonesia. It might be difficult to extend your passport while you’re there.

International Priority Scholarship in Indonesia

The Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta has introduced the IPS scholarship to support students in their educational careers. With this scholarship, you can learn new methods and techniques from highly qualified professionals which will give you an advantage in pursuing your desired career path. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you have a great opportunity to come to Indonesia.

This international scholarship will allow you to broaden your knowledge of the issues and challenges in your field, allowing you to develop practical solutions. Through this scholarship, you can gain valuable international exposure and enhance your problem-solving skills.

The fully-funded international scholarship in Indonesia is a fantastic opportunity that students should avail. UMS wants to be a place where academics, businesses, educational institutions, and industries can come together. Also helping students who want to study abroad and those who want to come to UMS from other countries. UMS welcomes students who want to do research and academic work in a complete and integrated manner. In summary, UMS wants to build strong connections between nations and collaborate to improve Islamic education and science in general.

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Host Country: Indonesia

Host University: Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta

Degree Level: Undergraduate | Masters | Ph.D.

Financial Assistance: Fully Funded

Benefits of International Priority Scholarship:

  • Covers tuition fees for Doctoral students up to 6 semesters.
  • Covers tuition fees for Master’s program participants for up to 4 semesters.
  • Covers tuition fees for Undergraduate students up to 8 semesters.
  • A monthly living allowance of IDR 1,750,000/- will be provided to meet your living expenses.
  • An additional book allowance of IDR 50,000/- is given to support your academic needs.
  • Covers Health insurance.
  • Visa fees will be covered.
  • A return air flight ticket will be provided.
  • You will be enrolled in the Bahasa Indonesia for International Students course (BIPA) for 2 semesters, helping you to communicate effectively during your stay in Indonesia.

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Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the IPS scholarship, the following should be met:

  1. You should have completed your previous degree in Muslim developing countries.
  2. Excellent Academic background.
  3. Must possess the necessary expertise and qualifications.
  4. Having exposure or experience in a specific field is encouraged and considered beneficial.
  5. Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 18 months from the time you apply for the scholarship.

How to Apply?

  1. Visit the university’s official website given below.
  2. Click on the “Register Now” button and fill all the fields and instructions provided on the application form carefully.
  3. Ensuring that the information is correct and up-to-date.
  4. If there are any supporting documents required, such as transcripts or recommendation letters, upload them according to the provided instructions.
  5. Before applying, double-check all the information filled in the form to ensure its accuracy.
  6. Once you have reviewed everything, submit the application form diligently.

By following these steps and submitting your application through the official website of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, you will complete the application process for the scholarship.


The deadline to submit your application for this scholarship opportunity is 15th May 2024.

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