Top 10 Scholarships for African Students

In today’s life, African students can easily study abroad as there are numerous scholarships for Africa. Some of the Top 10 Scholarships for African Students are supported by many international organizations and some are sponsored by universities and various governments. There are many best scholarship websites for students and various scholarships for Africans.

How to get scholarships?

In this article, we will explain scholarships for African students to pursue their studies at the International level. If you don’t have the financial capabilities, this article will help you out.  Many scholarships without IELTS are available. Studying at the international level is an amazing experience for every student the only problem is financial issues because studying abroad is very expensive. The other issue is the language barrier, but that can also be solved by applying for an institution in English. For African students countries like the UK, China, Canada, and America have updated facilities in their universities making them at the top of the study hub.

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Why you are the best candidate for this scholarship?

The main objective of this Scholarship for African students is that deserving applicants can pursue their education and fulfill their dreams through grants for Africa. Many undergraduate scholarships for African students in 2024 are available in different universities.

Many Developed countries open their doors to Scholarships for African international students to join their world-class educational institutions. These countries provide golden international scholarship opportunities for these students so that they can enjoy full education experience in their multiple institutions. As we have gathered 10 scholarships for African students in 2024 Scholarships.

List of Top 10 Scholarships for African Students

Check out the list of top scholarship requirements for African students. These are fully funded Top 10 Scholarships for African Students.

How much GPA is required for a scholarship, you must have a good percentage of GPA to apply and you can check official websites also for detailed eligibility criteria.

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#1 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program

Universities of Canada are internationally recognized for providing quality education to students from all over the world. Many scholarships for black students in Canada.

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program offers various kinds of Scholarships to African students to study abroad. VCG Scholarship is one of the most generous financial grant programs in the country which awards 50,000$ every year to Graduate Degree holders for three years.

The VCG Scholarship is only available for Master’s students in the areas of Health, Natural Sciences or Engineering, Social and Humanities research. VCG Scholarship offers financial grants to needy African candidates who are not financially stable to support their studies.


VCG Scholarship provides multiple benefits to African students. Selected African candidates are based on their leadership skills and academic excellence for the Master’s Degree Program.

For more information, visit here.

#2 Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Program

TF Scholarship is also abbreviated as the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation. TF Scholarships for African students to study at the international level in any institute in Canada of their choice. Trudeau Foundation Scholarship was created to train outstanding Doctoral applicants with the right tools and knowledge to become creative leaders in their communities.


  • TF Scholarship gives 60,000$ every year for three years of doctoral studies.
  • It provides grants for tuition fees, research, Travel allowance, and accommodation cost. TF scholarship is offered every year, so if you missed a chance you can apply next year.

For more information, visit here.

#3 University of Dundee Scholarships for African Students

Scholarships for African students in UK, many Scholarships for African students to study in UK who wants to pursue a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree program in the United Kingdom. The UK government, Commonwealth, Erasmus Mundi, and universities are involved in awarding these scholarships for African students to study internationally. This Dundee Scholarship is a top UK scholarship for African students to study abroad while having no worries about tuition fees. This scholarship is for African students UK.


Dundee University is the topmost institution of learning higher studies in the United Kingdom. University has enrolled 140 African students in graduate, postgraduate, and undergraduate degree programs. Dundee University has over half a dozen scholarships for African candidates to study abroad in the United Kingdom without cost. UD Scholarships are available for those African students who want to pursue graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate degree programs.

For more information, visit here.

#4 University of Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Nigeria

University of Birmingham Nigeria scholarship provides an opportunity for African students to continue their studies abroad at the United Kingdom University of Birmingham. Many scholarships for black students go unclaimed.

These scholarships are with our local representatives which are listed here Brook stone International Foundation School Abuja, Bridge House Counseling, Oxbridge Tutorial College, SI-UK, Brook stone International Foundation School Port Harcourt, UKEAS, and Zamani College. The country Officer will also help the students to coordinate the scholarships.


The Achievement scholarships will be given to the highest performing African students who started their University of Birmingham degree programs in the academic year 2023-2024.

This Scholarship is given annually to almost four African students and covers 2,500 Euros for those students who are enrolled in the first-year Bachelor’s degree program at the University of Birmingham starting in September 2023.

The University of Birmingham Nigerian Scholarship is given to the first year of full-time Bachelor’s study and students having excellent academic records have more chances of winning this Scholarship. There are also the best scholarship apps through which you can apply.

There are many full scholarships for African students available. The students must be entering the first year of the Bachelor’s Degree program at the Birmingham UK campus. The student applying must meet the academic conditions of the program offered. Applicant must have an African country-based domicile. The student applying must be classed by the University as an overseas fee payer for tuition fees and able to pay tuition fees that are not covered by the scholarship.

The deadline for this University of Birmingham scholarship is 29 August 2023.

For more information, visit here.

#5 American University Merit Scholarship Awards Program

Scholarships in America for African students are open. America is considered the top education destination in the whole world having higher institutions of learning and the top Universities in the world.

USA offers many different scholarships for African candidates to study internationally in US institutions and colleges to join their high-standard education and amazing experience. Many scholarships for African American students.


The scholarship awards are based on merit so the candidate applying must have some extra qualities which include extraordinary academic performance, volunteerism, outstanding communication skills in the English language, and service in the community. This scholarship grants range from 8,000$ to 20,000$ every academic year which is renewable for three years of Bachelor’s study.

For more information, visit here.

#6 Margaret McNamara Education Grants for African Students

Margaret McNamara Education Grants Program is for African students who want to study in the United States of America or a Canadian academic institution. MMEG Scholarship is based on a competitive basis for exceptionally skilled women from under-developing countries from all over the world to be enrolled as full-time students having financial needs, and they must be committed to their work for the well-being of children and women.


Candidates applying are screened by an all-volunteer and independent selection committee. All awards are given by the Board of Directors in April every single year. Applications are open from 15 September to 15 January every year.

The applicant’s age must be 25 years old at the time of the application. African woman who is enrolled for a full-time degree Course in a higher institution in the Canada or United States of America.

For more information, visit here.

#7 Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme in the Netherlands

Netherlands Universities are well recognized at the international level for research that transforms the lives of students around the globe for grounding in our local community. Many German scholarships for African students are available. The Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarships gives funds to selected students by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is available for a selection of short courses with a duration of 2 weeks to 12 months almost and for the Master’s degree program duration is 12 to 24 months. The OKP is one of the main European scholarships for African students to study abroad, especially at Netherlands universities.

The OKP scholarships for African students in Germany are open for Short Training and Graduate level programs in all relevant fields of study at Netherlands higher educational institutes. They give Scholarships to highly skilled innovative and creative students.


OKP is a fully-funded scholarship program any interested students can apply through their preferred university and fulfill the requirements mentioned. Applicants applying must submit the application form online. By using the official link received from the institution of Dutch. Applicants must be careful about the deadline of the application.

For more information, visit here.

#8 Swedish Institute Scholarships Program for Global Professionals

This Swedish Institute Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship designed for African students to pursue graduate degree programs at Swedish universities. Many scholarships for African students in Europe are available. Following universities offering this scholarship:

  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • Karolinska University
  • Royal Institute of Technology
  • Lulea University of Technology
  • Stockholm University
  • Karlstad University
  • University of Gothenberg
  • Uppsala University
  • Umea University
  • Lund University
  • Linkoping University
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology
  • Dalarna University

Before you apply for SISGP Scholarship, the student must have applied for admission into any Master’s degree program in the universities mentioned above.


The SISGP scholarship is highly competitive and covers tuition fee cost and living costs for 2 years of a Master’s Degree. The fee is paid directly by SISGP to your Swedish university at the start of each semester.  A monthly award of 10,000 SEK to cover your living cost during your study period. Health and accidental allowance is also given to the selected students.

For more information, visit here.

#9 Tsinghua University International Student Scholarships Program

Tsinghua University offers numerous scholarships for international students such as Siemens China Scholarship, the Chinese Government Scholarship, and other tuition scholarships for students studying abroad.


Applicants around the globe are appreciated to apply for Tsinghua University scholarships including African students. The Tsinghua scholarship is for Bachelor’s, graduate, and postgraduate students. Tsinghua also offers PhD scholarships for Africa.

 Students must check the requirements given in the official link before applying. Before filling up the form student must be enrolled in a full-time degree program at the University of Tsinghua.

For more information, visit here.

#10 Jiaxing University International Scholarship Program

The University of Jiaxing is home to 94 years of tradition and history. Jiaxing is provincial institute of advanced learning which is authorized by the State Ministry of Education. Jiaxing University is located on South Lake which is a sacred and famous place of the Revolution in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province.

Jiaxing University offers a variety of scholarships to non-Chinese applicants so that African candidates can excel in their relevant fields.


The University of Jiaxing scholarships come with different requirements and values that an applicant applying has to check before. These international scholarships are targeted at academically intelligent students coming to Jiaxing University to study Undergraduate degree program. The deadline for this scholarship varies according to the degree program you choose.

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