Tuition Fee Scholarships offered by Universities for International Students

Every student’s dream is to study at top-ranked universities worldwide. In this article, we have gathered all the information about Tuition Fee Scholarships that provide international students with scholarships and do not require students to pay tuition fees. These international scholarships are offered partially and fully funded basis.

Tuition Fee Scholarships

Following are the Scholarships offered to international students by different countries.

UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarships – UK:

UCL University College London is a public research university offering international students Master’s Degree Program scholarships. 30 Scholarship awards will be provided covering tuition fees and maintenance fees. Students belonging to low-income backgrounds are encouraged to apply and get a chance to study in the UK.

Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships – Australia:

Macquarie University is offering international students with Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship program. With this scholarship program, students get a partial tuition fee scholarship and students can pursue their academic background in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships – UK:

Bristol University located in the United Kingdom offers international students with Think Big Scholarship Program. This scholarship supports undergraduate students by investing  £500,000 on covering their tuition fees. This scholarship will cover students 25 and 100 % of tuition fees.

University of West Scholarships – USA:

The University of West is a private university offering international students with the University of West Scholarship Program. This scholarship program is offered to bachelor’s and graduate degree programs. President’s Scholarship Program offers international students with tuition fee scholarship program.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship – Netherlands:

Leiden University is a renowned university located in the Netherlands is providing international students with Excellence Scholarship Program which covers tuition fees. Allowance is provided to cover the tuition fees of international students.

Brescia University College Scholarships – Canada:

Brescia University College is a well-reputed university in Canada. Every year Brescia University College offers international students with different scholarship programs which cover tuition fees and some provide scholarship value to cover your study tuition fees.

Griffith Remarkable Scholarship – Australia:

Griffith University every year offers international students an amazing scholarship opportunity to study in Australia. Griffith University is providing worldwide students with the Griffith Remarkable Scholarship Program which covers 50% tuition fees of students.

University of Bologna Scholarships – Italy:

The University of Bologna is providing international students with tuition fee scholarships. Students with a good academic background are welcome to apply and get a chance to study in Italy. This scholarship program offered by the University of Bologna covers the tuition fee of students.

University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarships – USA:

The University of Waikato is a top-ranked university located in the USA offering international students with an International excellence scholarship program which covers the tuition fee of students and also provides with scholarship Value of NZD$20,000 and a travel grant.

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