University of Bologna Scholarships 2022 – International students

Applications are invited to apply for University of Bologna Scholarships 2022 under International Student Scholarships 2022 program at the University of Bologna, Italy. The University of Bologna awards study grants for International Students from all over the world for their Bachelors/Undergraduate Degree Scholarship Program & Master Degree Scholarship Programs in all fields.

Introduction to University of Bologna, Italy

The University of Bologna is a research university in Bologna, Italy. Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna (University of Bologna) was Founded in 1088 by an organized guild of students, it is the oldest university in the world. Besides this, it is one of the leading academic institutions in Italy and Europe.

Financial Support Programs at University of Bologna:

Every year The University of Bologna offers financial aids for college students for their bachelor’s and master’s studies. One of the Highest paid scholarships for international students to study in Italy.

This Funded University of Bologna Scholarship Opportunity will cover your Tuition Fee and yearly stipend (it varies by the scholarship providers’ other benefits can also be provided) which is enough for living expenses along with studies. You can call its fully-funded scholarship.

All academic Fields & Majors are available. They offer different degree programs for all academic fields and Majors at the University of Bologna. So You can apply for any Undergraduate & Masters degree program on Scholarships.

Main benefits of University of Bologna Scholarship:

Are you interested in Study in Italy?, It is an excellent opportunity for those students who have a dream to free study abroad 2022 in Italy on Funded Scholarship. Those who miss the College students Scholarship 2022, can apply for this one opportunity. The scholarship is awarded for first cycle and second cycle degree programs which include following benefits:

  1.     Full University Tuition Fee Waivers
  2.     Scholarship funding support Allowance of 11000 EURO yearly which can be used for Accommodation and monthly Living Expenses

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How many scholarships are available at University of Bologna:

  1.  About 3 scholarships as worth € 11.059 each, with full tuition fee waivers as a total amount of  €20,000.
  2. About 15 scholarships as worth €11.059 each, with full tuition fee waivers as a total amount of €80.000.

What fields and majors are available at University of Bologna:

Scholarships are available to pursue Undergraduate and Masters (MS/ M.Phil) in all fields.

Bachelor Degree (63 Total Bachelor Courses)

  1. Economics and Management
  2.     Education
  3.     Engineering and Architecture
  4.     Humanities
  5.     Languages and Literature, Interpreting and Translation
  6.     Law
  7.     Medicine
  8.     Pharmacy and Biotechnology
  9.     Political Sciences
  10.     Sciences
  11.     Sociology
  12.     Sport Sciences
  13.     Statistics

Master Degree Course (79 Total Courses)

  1. Agricultural and Food Sciences
  2.     Economics and Management
  3.     Education
  4.     Engineering and Architecture
  5.     Humanities
  6.     Languages and Literature, Interpreting and Translation
  7.     Law
  8.     Medicine
  9.     Pharmacy and Biotechnology
  10.     Political Sciences
  11.     Sciences
  12.     Sociology
  13.     Sport Sciences
  14.     Statistics
  15.     Veterinary Medicine

Combine Bachelor & Master Degree (Total of 9 Courses)

  1.      Education
  2.     Engineering and Architecture
  3.     Law
  4.     Medicine
  5.     Pharmacy and Biotechnology
  6.     Veterinary Medicine

What is the Eligibility Criteria to get admission at University of Bologna:

A student must fulfill the following criteria to avail of this Italy government Scholarship 2022.

  1. All International Students from different parts of the world are eligible to apply for Italy scholarships. As EU/NON-EU Both are Eligible.
  2. Undergraduate/Bachelor Degree Scholarships in 2022 for International Students.
  3. Masters Degree (MS/MPhil) Scholarships 2022 for International Students.
  4. A student must pass the SAT Test for Bachelor Scholarship.
  5. A student must pass the GRE Test for Master Scholarship before the deadline.
  6. The SAT and GRE are required.
  7. The applicant’s age should not more than 30 years
  8. Applicants with a high school degree are eligible to apply for Bachelor Degree programs.
  9. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for Master’s Degree programs.

How to Apply for Admission under Scholarship at University of Bologna:

Please check the following links given below for more details.

  1. Please check here the complete application process is mentioned in the link given below.
  2. CHK Official advertisement – Given Below

Deadline to Apply:

Application deadline to apply for University of Bologna Scholarship Program is  31 March 2022 (Second Cycle Programmes) or end of April 2022 (First or Single Cycle Programmes).

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