University of Pavia Scholarships

The University of Pavia is offering International students scholarships to study in Italy. Different University of Pavia scholarships are being offered at the University of Pavia, Italy. Some scholarships are partially funded and some are fully funded scholarships. Other than study programs, jobs and traineeships are also offered.

University of Pavia:

The University of Pavia is located in the beautiful city of Pavia, Italy. The University of Pavia is one of the oldest universities not only in Italy but also in the whole world. It started educating students in 1361. Besides international students can get a chance to study at one of the top-ranked and prestigious universities in Italy and study abroad.

Explicitly students can study for bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D. Degree programs. The University of Pavia offers almost all kinds of academic fields and students get to study under the supervision of highly professional teachers and mentors and get once in a lifetime opportunity.

University of Pavia Scholarships:

The University of Pavia offers short courses, language courses, more than 50+ undergraduate degree programs, and masters and Ph.D. degree programs. Offers international students with traineeships, internships, and jobs are also offered to help them in becoming professionals in the field.

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Host Country: Italy

Host University: University of Pavia

Financial Assistance: Partially Funded, Fully Funded scholarships

Degree Level: Undergraduate, Master’s, PhD

Scholarship Value/ Inclusions:

Hence the University of Pavia offers different scholarships:

#1 Tuition Fee Wavier Scholarships:

Firstly, the University of Pavia is offering International students with Tuition Fee Wavier Scholarships. International students can get 150 scholarships in which students will be provided with a tuition fee waiver. This is an amazing opportunity to study in Europe, so don’t miss this opportunity and apply as soon as possible.

#2 Subject-Specific Scholarships:

For Subject-specific scholarships, different scholarships are offered on different subjects. Students get different scholarships based on their financial situation.

#3 EDiSU Scholarships:

Lest EU Scholarships offer many benefits to International students which include the:

  • Free accommodation
  • One free Meal every day at the canteen of the University of Pavia
  • Another financial support was also provided

Bachelor, Master’s, Ph.D. Scholarships Without IELTS – Fully Funded

Fully Funded Scholarships 2023

Romania Government Scholarship

#4 Invest Your Talent in Italy Scholarships:

This Scholarship is offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Italian Government. This scholarship is offered to International students from worldwide. Invest Your Talent Scholarship provides partially and fully funded scholarships to International students.

#5 Italian Government Scholarships:

Italian Government Scholarships are offered by the Government of Italy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy. This scholarship is offered to International students so that they can study in Italian Universities and Institutes.

#6 Financial Support for Mobility Experiences:

In order to provide financial support to students who are studying at the University of Pavia. Students get part-time job opportunities to support themselves while they study in Italy.

#7 Part-Time Jobs for Students:

The University of Pavia also offers International students part-time jobs and traineeships opportunities. These traineeships will be offered in worldwide countries during the student’s academic career. Lastly, Students are provided with monthly scholarships to support themselves.

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Eligibility Criteria for University of Pavia Scholarships:

The following eligibility criteria should be met:

  • All International applicants are eligible to apply for the scholarship program.
  • For Undergraduate studies, the applicant must have completed a high school degree program.
  • Master’s Degree program, the student must have completed undergraduate studies.
  • The Ph.D. degree program, the student must have completed Ph.D. studies.
  • Excellent academic record.
  • Strong Command of the English Language.
  • Applicant should fulfill the requirements of the English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS/TOEFL).
  • Must complete the application form from the University of Pavia.

Documents Required:

  • Previous Degree/ Transcript
  • CV
  • English Proficiency Certificate
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Letter of Motivation

How to Apply for the University of Pavia Scholarships Program:

  • Students need to apply online through the link given below
  • The student should complete the application form
  • Upload all the required documents


As the University of Pavia offers different scholarships and different study programs, so each scholarship has a different deadline. Please check the link given below for more information.

For More Information, visit here.

For Applying Online, visit here.