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In this article, we will explain about best MBBS Scholarships / Medical Scholarships in the whole world. If you want to study abroad and want to experience different cultures of different countries along with a quality study style, then you are absolutely in the perfect place. MBBS scholarships for International students in 2024 are currently open for online applications. This article includes various scholarships for MBBS students at all levels of study. Additionally Funded and Fully Funded scholarship opportunity is for Medical students for their specialization in the relevant field. Also, this Scholarship covers different areas like Cardiology, Tropical Medicine, Hereditary diseases, etc. 

Medical professionals and competent Doctors are always needed everywhere in the world. As Doctor’s role is very important in our life so several different scholarships in the field of Medicine are available. Because the world is getting advanced, the number of health challenges is increasing day by day and many things remained for research in the medical field. Certainly, every one of us wants to study in the world’s best institutions on scholarship. 

List of the Top MBBS Scholarships / Medical Scholarships for International Students 

You can start your online application for MBBS International scholarships in the following different countries to avail a chance of studying abroad without a fee. 

  • Scotland 
  • China 
  • United Kingdom 
  • Singapore 
  • Turkey 
  • European Countries 
  • United States of America 
  • Japan 

List of Fully/Partially Funded MBBS Scholarships / Medical Scholarships

Below is the list of different medical scholarships for medical students to apply for. These Scholarships are fully and partially financed for MBBS students 

Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program: 

The Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program 2024-2025 at Stanford University is open and almost 100 Fully Financed scholarships will be given to International students from all over the world including United States citizens also. The students can apply for Master’s, Ph.D., MS, MFA, Medical, MBA, and joint Degrees.  


The Deadline for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program is in October 2024. If you want any further detail you can also see the official website. 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

Scotland Saltire Scholarship Program: 

The Scotland Saltire Scholarship Program is open. This scholarship is for Medical students also. Especially the students have an interest in the areas of Technology, Science, Creative Industries, Renewable, and Clean Energy, Health Care, and Medical Sciences. This Scholarship opportunity is for 50 students. 


The deadline for the Scotland Saltire Scholarship Program is June 2024. For more information, you can check the official link. 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

IsDB Scholarship Program: 

The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Program provides Financial Aid for Health and Medical scholarships to International students. This scholarship program offers is for Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., and Post-Doctoral Degree programs in Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Medical Laboratories, Nursing, Public Health, Microbiology, Health Services Management, Medical Technology, Nutrition, Veterinary, Bio-Technology, Biology, Chemistry, and relevant fields.  


This scholarship opportunity will open in July 2024. 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship Program: 

MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship is one of the biggest scholarships. It offers many different Medical scholarships. This scholarship is open and accepting applications for Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. degree programs. 


MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship Program deadline varies, so check the deadline of your country and then apply to your home country embassy.

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

Ibne Sina Medical Scholarship Program in Turkey: 

This Ibne Sina Medical Scholarship Program in Turkey provides opportunities to International students and Turkish students also. This Medical Scholarship is Fully Financed and covers all fees. This program includes: 

  • Undergraduate Degree 
  • Master’s Degree 
  • PHD  
  • Post Doctorate 
  • Dental Studies 
  • Veterinary Medication 
  • Nursing 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • The candidate applying must have 90% marks in their previous degree. 
  • The student must be a non-citizen of Turkey 
  • The candidate age limit is 21 

Financial Coverage: 

  • It includes accommodation 
  • Covers Tuition Fees and a stipend of 50400 Turkish Lira 
  • Also covers Health Expenses 
  • A round-trip Airfare Ticket 
  • A Turkish Language Course 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

Harvard Medical School MBBS Scholarships Program: 

This scholarship provides funding for Medical students to those who are not financially stable to finance themselves. 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

OIST Internship Program in Japan: 

The OIST Internship Program in Japan is a Fully Funded Internship for two months in the Medical Field. Any student interested in doing an Internship in the Medical Field can apply. For more details, you can check the official website. 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

MBBS Scholarship Program at Donghua University

Donghua University is a high University in China. This Scholarship program offers 58 Undergraduate, 70 Master’s Degree programs, and 29 Doctoral degree programs for international students. The candidate has to apply for the Shanghai Government Scholarship Program to study at Donghua University in China. You can visit the official website also. 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

MBBS Scholarship Program in the United Kingdom: 

This MBBS Scholarship Program is a Fully Funded Scholarship in the UK that covers all of the United Kingdom and is home to more than 45 Universities which included in the list of the top 600 medical universities of the world. the the

SINGA the Scholarship Program:  

The SINin Scholarship Program provides opportunities to students in Biomedical Sciences. The Government of Singapore offers many scholarships to International students. 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

Rhodes Scholarship Program In the United Kingdom

This Scholarship is offered by the UK government to students to study in their relevant field. The students can apply for Medical Sciences. This life-changing scholarship opportunity is for Masters and Ph.D. Degree students at Oxford University.  

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

British Chevening Scholarship in UK 

This British Chevening Scholarship in the UK by the UK government is a Fully Financed Scholarship for foreign students. This scholarship is for a Master’s Program in any Medical Field. This British Chevening Scholarship in the UK will open on August 2024. 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

Best Medical Colleges in the United Kingdom 

Below is the list of some top-ranked Medical Universities in the UK: 

Cheapest MBBS in United Kingdom 

List of cheapest MBBS in UK: 

  • University of Bristol 
  • University of Aberdeen 
  • King’s College London 
  • University of Dundee
  • Swansea University Medical College 
  • University of Manchester 
  • University of Birmingham 

MBBS Scholarships in China

The Chinese government provides many opportunities to International students. The following list of different Universities in China that offer MBBS Degree courses to all International students and they also cover all expenses. They offer Fully/ Partially Financed Scholarships and a monthly stipend of 15, 00 RMB. This MBBS scholarship is for Undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. Degree courses. 

  • Jiangsu University 
  • Shandong University 
  • Nantong University 
  • Xiamen University 
  • China Medical University 
  • Fujian Medical University 
  • Chongqing Medical University 
  • Wuhan University 
  • Dalian Medical University 

University of Auckland John Hamel:

This Medical scholarship is for international and domestic students to study for the Bachelor of Medical Science and Postgraduate Research Degree Program at the University of Auckland John Hamel in New Zealand. 

For Detailed Information, Check Here.

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