IDEX Master’s Scholarship in France 2024-25


The IDEX Master’s Scholarship is now open for the academic year 2024-25 in France and presents an exceptional opportunity for exceptionally international talented students to pursue their higher education in France. This scholarship offers international students the chance to become part of the renowned Université Paris-Saclay, a leading university in France. In this article, we will discuss all the details regarding the IDEX Master’s Scholarship in France 2024-25.

This is a great opportunity for promising individuals with aspirations to advance their research and projects, this master’s scholarship in France will give financial assistance to international students and ensure their easy access to a top-notch education system.

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Paris-Saclay University:

Paris-Saclay University is one of the best universities globally. It helps students achieve higher goals with excellent research facilities and assistance from top-notch professionals. Paris-Saclay University is a French public university, and it’s ranked 13th in the World University Rankings. It’s the best in the world for Mathematics and 9th for Physics. The university has lots of awards and its students achieve great things. Being part of this top university in France is an honor, and getting a scholarship in Europe adds more prestige.

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IDEX Master’s Scholarship in France 2024-25

The IDEX scholarships in France for 2024 at Saclay University are open for all master’s degree programs for international students. Besides studying in France for free, IDEX scholarship recipients become part of the university’s alumni community, helping them in their careers and lives. This article is a guide for students wanting to grab this opportunity in Europe, explaining the financial benefits of the master’s scholarship for international students.

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Host Country: France

Host University: Université Paris-Saclay

Financial Assistance: Fully Funded

Degree: Master’s

Scholarship Value/ Inclusions for IDEX Master’s Scholarship in France 2024-25:

  • Students receive an annual payment of 10,000€ as part of this scholarship.
  • Successful candidates are awarded a travel grant, with a maximum limit of 10,00€, which includes visa costs.
  • The travel allowance amount varies depending on the candidate’s country of origin.
  • All scholarship and travel grants are provided to candidates upon their arrival in France.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants should be international students.
  • Master’s degree students are encouraged to apply.
  • Students should be new residents in France and not exceed 30 years of age at the time of admission.
  • International students already in France for internships or training must have lived in the country for less than one year and should not be currently enrolled in a certification course.
  • Individuals with a three-year study gap are not eligible to apply.
  • Students previously enrolled in French higher education institutions cannot apply, but foreign students who were enrolled in French higher education institutions abroad are eligible.
  • Candidates currently receiving any other scholarship or grant are ineligible.

How to Apply for IDEX Master’s Scholarship in France 2024-25?

  • Get accepted into the Master’s program at Paris-Saclay University.
  • No need to apply separately for the scholarship; the admission jury will consider you.
  • If selected, you’ll receive an email asking for your consent. Respond within seven days; no reply means you’re not taking the scholarship.
  • Expect an email and form if you’re chosen.
  • You need to give details for two people who can vouch for you.
  • Referees will get a form to fill out; they must do it before the deadline.
  • If your application doesn’t have these reference forms, it’s incomplete and won’t be considered.
  • You won’t be told about incomplete applications; keep an eye on confirming your reference letters yourself.


The application deadline to apply for Paris-Saclay University Scholarship is May 03, 2024.

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