Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship 2024-2025 in the USA | Fully Funded Fellowship

Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship program is a fully-financed fellowship for activists, civil society leaders, journalists, and scholars from all around the globe to spend almost 5 months at the National Endowment for Democracy NED. The Washington DC Exchange Program allows participants to independently allow research in a specific country or region and on global democratic development. The Reagan-Fascell Fellowship program also gives participants the opportunity to learn competencies from the International Society and advanced skills for Democratic Studies. So it is an important place to analyze the democratic change all around the world.

The Reagan-Fascell Program encourages practitioners from other developing democracies to participate. The NED Democracy Fund Program is based on a number of recreational and educational programs which is helpful for the participants about the work of the Endowment and its partners. The events can be roundtables, seminars, museum trips, field trips, games, movies, and happy hours. And these events are organized with the aim of teaching democracy to participants and promoting the spirit of cooperation.

Why study USA?

USA is well known for its high-ranking institutions and participants not only get to study in the USA but will also experience cultural diversity. There are multiple universities in the USA.

Reagan-Fascell Fellowship is a Fully financed five-month stay in the United States for international scholars. Participants will learn to improve techniques and strategies for building democracy across the globe. The researchers in this fellowship will learn techniques to conduct distinctive and original research for their publications. By availing of this opportunity participants interact with other NED peers, and access resources for writing and research. And to build professional relationships with a global network of pro-democracy activists to gain knowledge and experience through Reagan Fascell Fellowship.

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The Reagan-Fusel NED Fellowship deals with specific projects that are related to democracy. NED partners worked on projects that are based on the proposed NED projects. Projects of researchers and practitioners should focus on the social, economic, political, legal and cultural aspects. The project is also based on a multiple range of techniques and methods. This article is a complete guide to the process to apply for other financial support successfully. The mission of the NED is to support freedom all around the globe. Candidates who can support and promote democratic values ​​must avail this golden opportunity to apply for the Reagan Fossil Democracy Grant Program. Fully Funded Fellowship 2024 is now open for national and international candidates who want to visit the USA. Today we will explain in detail the Reagan-Fusel NED Fellowship program 2024 for International students. Candidates from any nation can apply for the Reagan-Fusel NED Fellowship program. The Reagan-Fusel NED Fellowship program in the USA is announced and all the candidates seeking Fully Funded Fellowship opportunities are enforced to apply for this program.

This top Reagan-Fusel NED Fellowship Program in the USA provides world-class standards for International students. This prestigious Fellowship in USA Program provides participants across the country and around the world with an opportunity for teamwork. Participants from all over the world have the golden opportunity to study under experienced professional experts and scholars of the USA.

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Following is detailed information about Reagan-Fusel NED Fellowship Program in the USA:

Host Country: USA

Host University: National Endowment for Democracy

Financial Assistance: Fully Financed Fellowship

Duration of Fellowship: Five Months

Scholarship Value/Inclusions for Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship

This Reagan-Fusel NED Fellowship in the USA provides many benefits to International participants across the world. This Reagan-Fusel NED Fellowship in the USA is available in the USA. Following are the scholarship benefits are given to participants”

  • Participants will get a monthly allowance
  • Participants will be provided by the health insurance organization
  • Participants will be given a furnished rental apartment
  • Participants will be given Roundtrip travel to Washington, DC
  • Participants will be given Living expenses including food, local transport allowance, and other necessities for living
  • Participants will be given a fully equipped administrative will
  • Participants will be given the cost of long-distance phone calls and business trips will be paid but on a limited budget

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Eligibility Criteria for Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship:

The eligibility criteria are the same for both researchers and physicians. So, both have different ways of requirements. Below is the eligibility criterion:

  • Candidate must be fluent in the English language
  • Candidate must propose a project that focuses on the political, economic, social, legal, or cultural democratic aspects
  • Candidate must ensure their availability in their Washington DC residency during the 5 months of their fellowship program.

Eligibility for Practitioners Track

  • The candidate should be a mid-career.
  • Candidate must have practical experience in promoting democracy or human rights in the region or country.

Eligibility for Scholars

  • Candidate must have completed a Ph.D. or equivalent academic degree at the time of admission application.
  • Candidates should have a history of publications in their respective fields.
  • Candidates to apply for the fellowship program must prepare a detailed research plan.

How to apply for Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship:

  • To apply for this Fellowship, the candidate needs to create an online account through an official online portal.
  • After creating the account successfully and registering, a confirmation email will be received from the candidate.
  • By the confirmation email, candidates will be directed to a web page where they can create a username and password to continue with the admission application process. The selection criterion for NED Fellowship Program is based on the following things:
  • The application process starts after successful login.
  • Click on the Start button to start the program.
  • Candidate must provide general information including name, date of birth, nationality, and gender, etc.
  • Must provide accessible and valid contact information.
  • Must provide an accurate assessment of English proficiency language.
  • Just tell us about your friendship.
  • Must provide full details of the project proposal should be provided.
  • The candidate must provide an up-to-date cv.
  • Candidate must Provide information for all references.
  • You should not leave any space in the program.
  • Click on Review and submit the request after providing all the required information.
  • All requested documents must be sent in English.

Deadline for Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship:

The application deadline for the Reagan-Fassell Democracy Fellowship Program is October 31, 2023.

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