How to Notarized Documents for CSC Scholarships 2022

How to Notarized Documents for CSC Scholarships 2022 Chinese Government?

If you want to apply for abroad studies in any country, notarization of all the educational documents is necessary for all countries. If you want to apply in China on different government and university-funded scholarships, you need to notarize your all educational documents before apply. A lot of students face the problem about the notarization of the documents, first of all, notarize documents means, that your all educational degrees and transcripts are verified by authorized person.

Every student has to notarize all the documents. At this time we are discussing Chinese government scholarship admission in China, So if you want to notarzied your documents, complete details are given below with some samples. Advertisements

What is document notarization?

A notarization of document done by an authorized person by a notary public or lawyer in your areas, that means the university consider that that you are applying for admission in china with all genuine documents. When you apply for admission to any university in the world, mostly Universities will normally not return your admission application documents, So you shouldn’t send your original documents to the University. Students should send black carbon copy of orgional notarized documents set to university, so the University can consider that all they are genuine.

Do you need to notarize your documents?

Yes, If you are applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship 2022, for any degree level, You must to notarize your all educational documents for Chinese Universities. Normally every University have the same criteria for notarized only educational degrees and transcripts.

Note: If you need to send your admission application documents in a hard copy by post to the University, you will need to get them all educational documents notarized first and then send to university. If the university doesn’t require hard copy format, just need to submit online, you have to scan your original documents and submit them online, normally you don’t need to get them notarized if it necessary then just have to notarized and upload scanned copy of your original documents. We always suggest a better solution that students get notarize early all documents before applying it in China.

If you have done your degree in other languages then English, or Chinese, you must translate your documents into English or Chinese then you will usually need to provide a notarized translation.

Which documents you should notarize?

The list of all documents you need to notarize:

  1.  All-Academic Transcript.
  2.  All Graduation Certificate.
  3.  If any Translated documents, must be notarize.

Charges or Cost of notarize documents?

If you want to notarize your documents, each notary public office charges according to their fees, for their services.

Where can you notarize documents?

You need to get notarized your all documents in the country where you graduated from. For example, if your are graduated from any Indian or Pakistani University, it’s better to get the notarization done from the Indian or Pakistani Notary Public Office. If you want to notarized from another country It will be hard to do, other countries around the world.

In every country, there is notary public office in each city, that is located in Courts or near Law Firm, you need to visit and ask any lawyer about Notary Public Office for Notarization and Attestation. In some countries, you can also use to search Online about Notary Public Services in your area with your current city name.

Example: If you are from India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh, You just need to visit law firm or court area in your city, you can easily find Notary Public Office and get easily Notarized Your Documents with very low charge Per Document, Other countries students can also find Notary Public Office in their Area by Online Search or Visit Near Court or Lawyer office.

If you are graduated from one of the European universities, then you can contact the University where you graduated from directly and they can sometimes help you in this matter. Most universities from Europe can provide you the notarization of documentation, especially in the UK.

  1. Download: Notarized Transcript Sample
  2. Download: Notarized Degree Sample
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