DAAD MIDE Scholarships 2024 at Berlin University


Are you looking to study in Germany on a scholarship? we have great news for you. Berlin University of Science has announced the DAAD MIDE Scholarships 2024 for international students. These scholarships are for graduate and PhD students. in this article, we will discuss the scholarship benefits, eligibility criteria, how to apply and the deadline.

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In Berlin, HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences is known for its great education and new ideas in Germany. It is the best university to study in Germany. They offer many programs, do cool research, and work closely with businesses. HTW Berlin started in 1994 and quickly became one of Germany’s top schools for applied sciences. They focus on hands-on learning to help students succeed in today’s job market. At HTW Berlin, they care a lot about doing well in their studies. They offer many programs in areas like engineering, business, computer science, and design. These programs mix theory with real-world experience to prepare students for their future jobs. HTW Berlin works closely with businesses, which helps students get internships, work placements, and projects. This gives students valuable experience and helps them make connections in their field. Research is also important at HTW Berlin. Teachers and students work on exciting projects in fields like renewable energy, digital innovation, and business analytics, making a difference in science and society.

DAAD MIDE Scholarships 2024 at Berlin University of Applied Sciences

The DAAD MIDE Scholarships are special awards for students from other countries who want to do a Master’s and PhD degree in International and Development Economics at HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences. These scholarships are paid for by the German Academic Exchange Service. They aim to help students from developing countries who are good at their studies and want to help make their home countries better. With the DAAD MIDE Scholarships, students get money to help pay for their studies, living costs, and other things they need while studying in Germany. This money makes it easier for students to focus on their studies without worrying too much about money.

Studying at HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences is a great chance for students to learn about different cultures and ways of thinking. This helps them prepare for jobs all around the world and understand people from different backgrounds. HTW Berlin is known for giving students a really good education that’s practical and useful for their future jobs. Students in the International and Development Economics Master’s program get tough academic training and lots of hands-on experience to help them be leaders in their field. Through the DAAD MIDE Scholarships, students can meet other students, teachers, and professionals who work in international development economics. These connections can lead to working together on projects, getting advice, and finding good jobs in the future.

Host Country: Germany
Host University: Berlin University of Applied Sciences
Financial Assistance: Fully Funded
Degree: Master’s and PhD

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Benefits for DAAD MIDE Scholarships 2024

  • The length of time varies depending on the study program, ranging from 12 to 42 months.
  • Graduates receive monthly payments of 934 euros, while doctoral candidates get 1,300 euros per month.
  • Payments cover health, accident, and personal liability insurance.
  • Travel expenses are covered unless already funded by the student’s home country or another source.
  • Monthly subsidy for rent.
  • Monthly allowance for family members accompanying the student.

Eligibility criteria for DAAD MIDE Scholarships 2024

  • Applicants must be citizens of a developing country.
  • A minimum of two years of professional experience after graduation is required.
  • Graduation should not exceed six years.
  • Applicants must meet the admission criteria of the MIDE program.
  • Applicants should have a first university degree equivalent to 180 ECTS.
  • International applicants need at least 15 ECTS in Economics, equivalent to three modules.
  • Proof of English language proficiency is necessary for admission.

How to Apply

  • All the process is done online.
  • Click on the apply now.
  • Check the admission requirements before filling out an application form.
  • Get electronic copies of the documents you need.
  • Fill out the MIDE application form.
  • Submit your application form along with these documents:
  • Your academic transcripts and degree certificates, with official translations if needed.
  • Information about how your grades are scored at your old school.
  • Your CV.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Proof that you’re good at English.
  • Your high school diploma shows when you graduated.
  • After submitting your application wait for the admission committee to decide on your case.


The last date to apply for 31 August 2024.

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