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This Rhodes Scholarship 2025 covers tuition fees, all living expenses and accommodation costs. Rhodes Scholarship 2025 are being offered to Masters and PhD students. The Rhodes Scholarship 2025 is more than just a financial award. It is an investment in the future leaders of the world. It offers a life-changing experience that shapes scholars into influential figures capable of driving positive change globally. Oxford Rhodes Scholarships 2025 provides more than 1000 degree programs for this international scholarship.

Oxford university

The University of Oxford, commonly known as Oxford, is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities. This scholarship gives me a chance to study in UK. With a history spanning over 900 years, Oxford is known for its excellent academics, groundbreaking research, and influential alumni. Oxford’s origins date back to the 12th century, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Teaching was already happening in Oxford by 1096. Over the centuries, Oxford has been home to many famous people, including writers like J.R.R. Tolkien and Lewis Carroll, scientists like Stephen Hawking, and leaders like former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Oxford has a unique college system.

The university consists of 39 independent colleges and six permanent private halls. Each college has its own culture and traditions, providing students with a close-knit community where they live, study, and socialize. This structure helps students feel a sense of belonging and build strong networks. Oxford is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. It offers various subjects, from humanities and social sciences to physical sciences and engineering. Oxford’s professors are some of the best in their fields, and the university’s tutorial system gives students personalized and intensive learning experiences.
Life at Oxford is lively and diverse. The university offers many extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, student societies, and volunteer opportunities. The Oxford Union, one of the world’s oldest debating societies, hosts well-known speakers from various fields, giving students a chance to engage in intellectual discussions. Oxford’s beautiful and historic campus adds to the student experience. Iconic landmarks like the Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera, and Christ Church Cathedral provide an inspiring backdrop for learning.

Rhodes Scholarship 2025

The Rhodes Scholarship 2025 is among the world’s most prestigious and desired scholarships. Created in 1902 by Cecil Rhodes, the scholarship aims to bring outstanding students from around the globe to the University of Oxford, building a network of talented individuals committed to improving the world. Cecil Rhodes, a British businessman and imperialist, wanted a scholarship promoting unity and understanding among young leaders from different backgrounds. Since its creation, the scholarship has supported over 8,000 scholars, including notable figures like former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Sidney Brenner, and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The Rhodes Trust manages the scholarship and has expanded its reach over the years to include scholars from over 60 countries. This commitment to diversity highlights the scholarship’s belief in the power of cultural exchange and teamwork. This scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation and all other expenses.

Host Country: United Kingdom

Host University: Oxford University

Financial Assistance: Funded or Fully Funded

Degree level: Master and PhD degree program

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Benefits of Rhodes Scholarship 2025

  • The Rhodes Scholarship pays for Oxford University course fees and provides an annual stipend.
  • The stipend is £19,092 per year £1,591 per month.
  • The scholarship will also cover living expenses, including accommodation.
  • The scholarship covers up to three years of fees and a stipend for a DPhil PhD at Oxford.
  • After being selected for the Scholarship, the Rhodes Trust pays the application fee to study at Oxford.
  • The Scholarship also covers the student visa fee and the International Health Surcharge
  • allowing international students to use the UK’s National Health Service.
  • The Scholarship includes two economy-class flights.
  • Upon arriving in Oxford, Scholars get a settling-in allowance.
  • Scholars moving on to a second course of study in Oxford receive help with visa renewal fees and another application for the IHS.

Eligibility Criteria for Rhodes Scholarship 2025

The Rhodes Scholarship is a prestigious international postgraduate award for students to study at the University of Oxford. Eligibility criteria are different for each country, please visit the given link to check your eligibility.

How to Apply

Applying for the Rhodes Scholarship involves several detailed steps. Here’s a general guide on how to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship:

  • Register on the Rhodes Trust application portal for your country or region.
  • Fill in all required sections of the online application form carefully.
  • Upload your personal statement, CV, academic transcripts, and any other required documents.
  • Double-check all information and documents for accuracy and completeness.
  • Submit your completed application by the deadline specified for your constituency.

Please visit the link to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship 2025.


The deadline for the Rhodes Scholarship 2025 at Oxford University is different for each country. please visit the official website.

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