NASA Internships 2023

NASA Space Exploration company is offering internships in 2023. Applications for paid internship programs are now open. NASA is a US government agency focused on air and space Science and Technology. NASA is looking to hire new interns for ongoing projects. Interested applicants for NASA Internships 2023 can apply before the due date. All requirements must be fulfilled to be eligible for the internship.

NASA offers a wide range of internships for students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. These internships provide valuable hands-on experience and the opportunity to work alongside NASA professionals on cutting-edge research and projects. Did you check – Deutschlandstipendium Scholarships in Germany | Study in Germany for International Students

No IELTS Required for NASA Internships 2023:

No IELTS exam is required to apply for NASA Internship programs. Proficiency in the English language is essential for applicants. English language proficiency will be assessed during the job interview conducted by NASA HR.

Internships Types:

Interested applicants from various fields can apply for NASA internship programs in 2023.

  • The following NASA internship programs are available:
  • NASA Internship Programs for Space Mission.
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Internships (JPL Internships).
  • NASA year-round internship programs.
  • NASA STEM Internships.
  • NASA CALTECH Internships.
  • NASA International Internship Programs.
  • NASA Fellow Interns Program.
  • NASA Pathways Internships.

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Available NASA Fields:

Students from the following fields are eligible for NASA internships:

  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Aerospace
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Computer Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Science
  • Accounting
  • Physical Sciences
  • These internships offer students an opportunity to work closely with NASA and gain insights into various aspects, including management, data governance, training management, and flight mechanics simulation.

Duration of NASA Internships 2023:

  • NASA internships typically have a duration of 16 weeks for the spring and fall programs.
  • However, internships at NASA may also range up to 10 weeks in duration.

Benefits of NASA Internships Program:

  • In spring, summer, and fall, NASA internship programs are offered in three sessions.
  • Selected interns may receive various benefits, including:
  • Stipend money or salary.
  • Residential facility.
  • Career placement opportunities.
  • Valuable work experience.
  • Networking chances.
  • Possibility of permanent employment during the internship program.
  • Sponsorship for educational support.

Eligibility Criteria for NASA Internships 2023:

NASA is providing opportunities for both overseas and local talented students to work on global and multinational projects across various technologies and areas.

Participating Countries for NASA Internships:

  • Eligible and interested applicants from specific countries can apply to become part of the NASA International Internships.
  • Applicants from these countries can apply through the participating entities of their respective countries for NASA Internship programs.
  • Norway
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Israel
  • Brazil
  • UAE
  • New Zealand
  • Jordon
  • Lithuania
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • Interested candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for NASA internships

For NASA International Internship Programs:

  • To be eligible for NASA internships, applicants must be USA citizens enrolled in an Undergraduate or Graduate degree program in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), and have a connection to a topic related to the NASA mission.

Additionally, interested applicants should have good communication skills in English and demonstrate a strong academic performance

For NASA Pathways Internships:

  • Applicants for NASA internships must meet the following criteria:
  • Be USA citizens, aged 16 years or older.
  • Enrolled in an accredited institution on a half-time or full-time basis in any degree program or certificate.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.90.
  • Able to work for at least 460 hours.
  • Sign a Pathways Participant Agreement.
  • Male applicants must be certified and registered with the Selective Service System if born after December 31, 1959.
  • Interns should apply only for vacancies that have closing dates within the last two semesters.

For NASA Internships:

  • Eligibility criteria for NASA Internships include:
  • USA citizenship.
  • Minimum age of 16 years.
  • Full-time student enrollment with a minimum CGPA of 3.0.
  • Undergraduates and graduate students pursuing full-time degree programs at accredited universities are eligible.
  • Educators can also apply for paid internship programs.
  • Proficiency in the English language is a requirement for all applicants.

How to Apply for these NASA Internships:

  • All internship programs are listed on the official NASA website, specifying educational and other requirements and the application deadline.
  • Interested candidates should conduct thorough research on the internship opportunity and the nature of the work involved before applying.
  • After researching, candidates are advised to create a profile on the USA government job site and upload their resume.
  • By doing so, candidates will receive notifications whenever relevant opportunities arise.
  • It is important to apply for opportunities that order with educational requirements and location to ensure a better fit and avoid any potential regrets.

Selection Criteria

  • Selection for internship programs is based on academic aspects and other appealing factors.
  • In many internship programs, HR conducts phone or video interviews to assess the potential, qualifications, and credibility of applicants for recruitment.

List of NASA Internship Programs in 2023:

List of NASA Internship Programs in 2023:

  • NASA I2 Internship Program
  • NASA JPL Planetary Department Internships
  • NASA Internships for Undergrads
  • NASA Year-round Internships
  • NASA Space mission Internships
  • NASA STEM Internships
  • NASA Undergrad Internships program
  • NASA Pathways Internships
  • NASA SSC/NSSC ODEO Internships
  • NASA Legal Honors Internships
  • SCI-FI Website Development Internships
  • Data Governance, Training Development & UAT for NASA STEM Internships
  • NASA GES DISC Video Outreach Internships
  • MELD Project Internships
  • Rotorcraft Aeromechanics Internships
  • Precipitation Research and Validation Internships
  • RST Thermal Design & Thermal Desktop Internships
  • Software Code Coverage Internships
  • NASA IV&V ERC Fab Lab Manager & SPACE Camp
  • There are more paid internship opportunities available besides the ones mentioned above. Applicants must check the specific requirements before applying.
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