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Are you interested in the Kazakhstan Scholarship for 2024-2025? We have good news! The Government of Kazakhstan is offering international students from around the world to study in Kazakhstan on fully funded scholarships. They are offering 550 international scholarships that cover all expenses for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs. In this article, we will provide you with details about the Kazakhstan Government Scholarships, the academic programs available, the eligibility requirements, the application process, and the documents needed to apply. Out of the total 550 scholarships, 490 are for undergraduate/bachelor’s students, 50 are for master’s students, and the remaining 10 are for Ph.D. students.

If you’re an international student considering studying in Kazakhstan, you’ll find all kinds of academic fields of study offered by top-ranked universities. Kazakhstan is known for providing high-quality education, and you can pursue Bachelor’s/Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in various academic fields and majors.

When it comes to tuition fees, the cost varies depending on the degree program and whether you choose a private or government university in Kazakhstan. On average, tuition fees range from around US$200 to US$4,000 per year.


We have prepared some QnA related to Kazakhstan Government Scholarship Program:

Is Education Free In Kazakhstan?

Are international students eligible for free education in Kazakhstan? Yes, they are. Kazakhstan offers free education to international students at several public universities. Additionally, there are international scholarships available to support students in completing their studies. Many students aspire to fulfill their dream of studying in Kazakhstan for free and take advantage of this opportunity.

Is Kazakhstan Safe For Students?

Many students around the world wonder if Kazakhstan is a safe place to study. The answer is yes. Many international students are already studying in Kazakhstan, and it is considered a safe country for them. In fact, Kazakhstan is known for being one of the safest countries in the world for both studying and tourism.

What Kazakhstan Is Famous For?

Kazakhstan is a country located in both Central Asia and Eastern Europe. It is known for its impressive architecture, the beautiful Caspian Sea, and the iconic Wild Horses. The country is also recognized for its significant role in the oil industry, producing around 81 million tons of oil annually.

If you’re curious about the population of Kazakhstan, it is currently estimated to be 19,196,993 according to the latest data from the United Nations.

Moreover, it’s important to note that the government structure in Kazakhstan is a unitary state with a Presidential system, following the collapse of the previous government.

Scholarships In Kazakhstan

If you’re looking to study in Kazakhstan, there are numerous scholarships available for both domestic and international students. Whether you’re searching for undergraduate or graduate scholarships, this article will provide you with information about the opportunities to receive free education in Kazakhstan.

There is a wide range of international scholarship programs for students who want to study in Kazakhstan. These programs cover various degree levels and are offered by many prestigious universities. Whether you’re pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree, you can apply and study in Kazakhstan. Additionally, scholarships in Kazakhstan are well-known worldwide, making it an appealing destination for international students.

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Kazakhstan Government Scholarships

The Government of Kazakhstan has opened a scholarship program for the academic year 2024-2025. These scholarships are designed to assist international students in pursuing higher education in Kazakhstan. Every year, the Republic of Kazakhstan encourages students to apply for fully funded scholarships, fostering the development of their skills and abilities to contribute to societal progress.

The Kazakhstan Government Scholarship program offers fully funded opportunities for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs, allowing students to specialize in their respective fields. These scholarships are available to both non-Kazakh nationals and Kazakh citizens, and selection is based on academic merit. They are open to students from any discipline at universities in Kazakhstan, which are highly regarded and rank among the top institutions in the QS World University Rankings. This prestigious scholarship aims to inspire international students to pursue their dream of studying abroad in Kazakhstan at its finest universities.

This fully funded scholarship presents a valuable opportunity for international students to collaborate with Kazakh nationals. Students from around the world, as well as Kazakh nationals, can study at top-ranked universities in Kazakhstan under the guidance of highly skilled scholars and professionals. This provides a platform for learning advanced research technologies and contributes to building a brighter future.

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Host Country: Kazakhstan

Host University: Best Universities

Financial Assistance: Fully Funded

Degree Level: Bachelor | Masters | Ph.D.

Benefits of Kazakhstan Government Scholarships:

The Kazakhstan Government Scholarship 2024-2025 offers the following benefits to students:

  1. Selected students will have the opportunity to study under the mentorship of experienced professors and scholars, enhancing their educational journey.
  2. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee.
  3. Students will receive a monthly stipend to support their living expenses during their study period in Kazakhstan.
  4. Unfortunately, this scholarship does not provide a traveling allowance to students. Students will be responsible for their own travel expenses to and from Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Government Scholarships Participating Universities

  1. D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan Technical University
  2. Yessenov University
  3. M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University
  4. Kazakh-British Technical University
  5. Astana IT University
  6. M. Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University
  7. South-Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University
  8. Shakarim University
  9. M. Dulaty Taraz University
  10. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
  11. Karaganda Industrial University
  12. Karaganda Technical University
  13. E. Buketov Karaganda University
  14. Utebayev University
  15. Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau University
  16. Y. Altynsarin Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute
  17. Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications
  18. K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University
  19. Kazakh National Agrarian Research University
  20. Kazakh National Women’s Teacher Training University
  21. Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University
  22. Satbayev University
  23. L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
  24. Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and Foreign Languages
  25. S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University
  26. Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan Agrarian-Technical University
  27. M.Utemisov West Kazakhstan University
  28. I. Zhansugurov Zhetysu University
  29. S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University
  30. M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan University
  31. Rudny Industrial Institute
  32. Pavlodar Pedagogical University
  33. Toraighyrov University
  34. Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University
  35. A. Baitursynov Kostanay University
  36. Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau University

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Eligibility Criteria for Kazakhstan Government Scholarships:

Here are the requirements for the application:

  1. Valid Passport: Applicants must possess a valid passport.
  2. Notarized Previous Degree: The student’s previous degree must be notarized to verify its authenticity.
  3. Motivational Letter: A motivational letter is required, written in either Kazakh, English, or Russian.
  4. Letter of Recommendation: Applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from their institution.
  5. Medical Certificate: A medical certificate is required to ensure the student’s health and fitness for studies.
  6. Kazakhstan Scholarship Application Form: The application form for the Kazakhstan Scholarship must be duly filled out.
  7. Acceptance Letter: Students need to provide an acceptance letter from the Kazakh University they intend to study at.
  8. High School Transcript/Certificate: For undergraduate studies, a high school transcript or certificate is required.
  9. Transcript/Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree: For master’s studies, applicants must provide their bachelor’s degree transcript or certificate with a GPA of 3.0/4.0.
  10. Transcript/Certificate of Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree: For Ph.D. studies, applicants need to provide transcripts or certificates for both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  11. Application Form and Letter of Invitation: Applicants must submit the completed application form and a letter of invitation from the Kazakh University.
  12. International Language Proficiency Certificate: Applicants must provide an international certificate confirming their proficiency in a foreign language.

How to Apply?

The entire process of the Kazakhstan Government Scholarship is conducted online. Candidates are required to meet the eligibility criteria and apply through the official website link. Here is a step-by-step guide to the application process:

Create an Account. Choose the desired Kazakhstan University and the field of study you wish to pursue. Fill out the Application Form. Complete the application form by providing accurate and relevant information. Upload the necessary documents as per the provided guidelines. Submit the Application.


The application deadline to apply for the Kazakhstan Government Scholarships is May 31, 2024.

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