Romania Study Visa Process 2024


You might have heard that the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is accepting applications for the Romania Government Scholarship 2024. If you’re a non-European citizen and planning to stay in Romania for more than 90 days, you need to apply for a Romania long-stay visa. This visa is called the Romania study visa, and it’s part of the Long Stay Visa (symbol D/SD) category.

Romania has a really good and modern education system. People from other countries can study in Romania by themselves or with a scholarship. The Romania government scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a great chance because it’s available for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs. Plus, it covers all the costs for the whole time. This article will explain what you need and how to apply for a Romania study visa process.

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Romania Study Visa Process:

Working while Studying in Romania: Understanding the Regulations

With a Romania study visa, you have the opportunity to work for up to four hours a day (part-time) without the need for an additional work permit.

Requirements for Getting a Romania Study Visa

Before you apply for a visa at the Romanian embassy, make sure you have these documents:

  1. Acceptance letter from the Romanian University.
  2. Permission to study from the Romanian Ministry of Education, after the university accepts you.
  3. Proof that you paid the tuition fees for at least one year (if you don’t have a scholarship).
  4. Proof that demonstrates you have sufficient funds to sustain yourself.
  5. Police clearance certificate.
  6. Proof of where you’ll stay in Romania.
  7. Health insurance.
  8. Fill out the Romania long-stay visa application form, which you can get from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
  9. Your passport, make sure it’s valid.
  10. Some passport-sized photos.

Visa Fee

The fee for applying for a Romania Long Stay Visa (designated as D) is EUR 120.

Romania Long Stay Visa Application Process

Every applicant needs to download the long-stay visa application form. Fill out the form and attach all required documents. You can get the forms from here.

Visa Processing Duration

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends submitting long-stay visa applications at least 45 days before your intended travel date.

Applying for the Romania Study Visa

To apply for a visa, it’s important to schedule an appointment in advance. For scheduling, please visit the website

Visa applications must be submitted in person. Applications sent by post or express courier will not be accepted.

Access the Website:

  1. Choose your country from the list.
  2. This will direct you to the website of the Romanian embassy in your country.
  3. On that website, you can schedule an appointment.
  4. Alternatively, you can get in touch with or call the Romanian embassy in your country for guidance on setting up an appointment.
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