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Motivational Letter is a document that is required by Universities and different companies when we submit applications to them. In most of university courses, from Bachelor’s degrees onwards, expect a fair bit from candidates. Each course has set academic requirements and forms to be filled and all candidates will ask to provide examples of their work and CV. Many Graduate courses encourage candidates to obtain recommendation letters from previous academic supervisors.

Motivation Letter is necessary to apply for a scholarship or position. A Motivational Letter is considered to be very important when applying for International Scholarship. Motivational Letter adds value to you documents which leaves good impression.

Your resume only reflects the general academic and professional information about you but Motivational Letter is required as it is usually asked by academic institutions as well as organizations from the candidates. By writing a motivational letter you can transmit your passion about your chosen course to enlighten your future. In this article we will explain how you can write letter of motivation with motivational letter examples.

What is Letter of Motivation?

Motivational Letter is an intimate piece of writing which come across as authentic and professional way. Motivational letters are required for admission in a college or university and for scholarships. In this article we will explain how to write a letter of motivation. A Professional motivation letter sample | motivational letter sample in this article will basically explains reasons for applying for a course of study that you have selected. Motivational Letter is also called statement of purpose.

The focus of Motivational letter is on your personal details, ambitions, personality, interest and reason for applying to a degree program or you can also need motivational letter for job.

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How to write a Motivation Letter | How to write Motivational Letter?

For writing a good motivational letter you must give plenty of time which ensures you to include all the required content. To write a Motivational Letter for university is excellent practice. You have to follow the below steps:

You have to write down some of the important points and main ideas that you would like to cover in your motivational letter which can be for motivation letter for scholarship | motivational letter for scholarship, motivational letter for internship | motivation letter for internship, motivation letter for bursary | motivational letter for bursary, motivational letter for job application.

  • Make your goals very clear to provide a short preview of the rest of the letter
  • Why do you think the Master’s program and University you have selected are interesting and suitable?
  • Your Focus must be on your strongest qualifications, past experiences and qualities.
  • Arrange the middle paragraphs in terms of the qualifications most relevant to the program and you can also refer to your CV for more details.
  • Motivational letters are half pages long, and never longer than 1 page, so do not write too much
  • You can choose a 3-paragraph structure which is introduction, body and outro, or a 5-paragraph structure in which the body includes 3 separate paragraphs.
  • Consider referring to sources of inspiration in your life that set you on your current path. But do not spend too much of the letter on it.
  • You also not mention less important stuff which will help the focus of letter and makes it easier to read.

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How to end your Letter of Motivation

You just have to summarize the main points and mention your main goal of the letter to be accepted for the program. You can also mention again why you would be a valuable student for the program that you have selected. But keep it to the point and write your name very clearly and sign the letter of motivation.

Be personal and original in Motivational Letter

You must have to remember that this is a personal document in which you are expected to prove that you are different from the rest of the candidates and your exceptional qualities, skills and academic qualifications make you suitable for participating in the relevant Degree program.

You do not need to copy other letters you have seen and try to be original and write it by yourself. Try to be realistic about everything.

You also have to make sure do not try too much to be liked when writing a motivational letter. You must not include any false information in your letter. Admission committees read a lot of motivation letters and they can easily point out these attempts.

Be professional and consistent in Your Letter

You have to follow the guidelines mentioned by the institute or organization that you have selected. The font size, the length of the letter, the first paragraph and the first impression always counts.

You must present your letter in a professional format, style, and grammar. You have to use the same font, the same abbreviations throughout the letter. You have to proofread your Motivational Letter and ask a trusted friend or family member to proofread your letter of motivation to avoid grammatical mistakes. Your sentences should not be too long because it will be difficult to read. Try to use commonly used words rather than complex phrasing.

Do not use a single Motivational letters for multiple institutions. Letter must be made specifically for only one institution. So if you want to apply to multiple colleges, you need to prepare different appropriate motivational letters, so good news is you can check motivational letter example below and have a guideline through this. International Students can use the below template for motivational letter as motivation letter master, motivation letter Ph.D.

Motivation Letter Example | Motivational Letter Example | Example Of Motivation Letter

Template for Motivation Letter | Motivational Letter Template | Motivation Letter Template

First I would like to introduction. My name is Abc and recently I have been working in University as a lecturer of Information Technology. I have done my graduation in BS (Computer Engineering) from xyz University, your country name.

You have to discuss about your academic results and your University name. And various Computer Science subjects like Computer Networks, Software Design and Architecture, Technical Writing, Information System and Data Processing, Artificial Intelligence (Robotics), Distributed Computing, Data Structures, Web Engineering, Data Mining; Design Of Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Linear Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Discrete Structures, Digital Logic and Computer Architecture, Computer Simulation and Modeling provided me with a strong footing in the theoretical concept of Computer Science.

I did my final year project on abc. Give brief introduction of your final year project in this paragraph.

In this paragraph you have to write about yourself like I am very friendly person with good nature. I am goal oriented person. I can work as a team. I served as CR during my degree. I approach people with positive mind. Besides that I have also keen interest in different cultures.

Study Plan: xyz is the largest contributor in developing and providing top ranking universities. In this paragraph you will write about the university in which you are applying and about the course that you have selected. Like Master Program will provide me a chance to deal with different issues to set up appropriate solutions.

By studying in XYZ it provides the opportunity to completely understand the people all over the world, its traditions and culture perspectives. I will have the opportunity to gain knowledge under the guidance of highly qualified professors.

Reasons to study: In this paragraph you will explain the reason why you want study in abc the country name which you selected. The globally ranked education institutes of abc with high reputation provides opportunity to the students to excel in their career. All these combined factors make abc an ideal place for me to do my abc degree.

I will be waiting for your favorable consideration and I will be pleased to provide you any further information.



You have to prepare the required documents for registration is also necessary in which one is a letter of motivation. The school can see your sincerity and eligibility when you are applying with an attractive motivational letter.

Yes guys so the above mentioned motivational letter example can be used for motivation letter job | motivational letter job | motivation letter university | motivation letter internship | motivational letter internship | motivational letter job application | motivation letter job application.

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