Dalhousie University Scholarships Canada 2024 – Fully Funded

Thinking of studying in Canada? Great news! Dalhousie University Scholarships are available now. In this article, we’ll tell you all the details about this international scholarship, what it offers, and how to apply.

The Dalhousie University Scholarship for 2024-2025 is a fantastic opportunity for students from all around the world. It’s a fully funded scholarship, which means it covers everything. If you’re looking to do a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, this fully funded scholarship could be for you. The scholarship is worth $30,000, and it takes care of things like monthly living expenses, where you’ll stay, your tuition fees, and even your health insurance.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is a prestigious research institution located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Established in 1818, it is one of the oldest universities in Canada and is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, research, and community engagement. Dalhousie University offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs across various disciplines, including arts and social sciences, science, engineering, health sciences, business, law, and more.

Host Country: Canada

Host University: Dalhousie University

Degree Level: Masters, PHD

Financial Assistance: Funded

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Scholarship Value/ Inclusion for Dalhousie University Scholarships:

Different types of scholarships are offered at Dalhousie University. Following are the scholarships offered with their complete details.

#1 A.S. Mowat Prize

The scholarship holds a value of $1,500. It is open to students pursuing all master’s degrees, both Canadian and international. The A.S. Mowat scholarship is not renewable. The deadline for A.S. Mowat Prize application is February 1st.

#2 Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship

The scholarship offers a value of $40,000 annually, applicable for a maximum of two years. It is available for those pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree with a thesis-based focus. The scholarship is primarily intended for Iranian students, although international students will also be taken into consideration.

#3 Chinese Scholarship Council – PhD scholarship

The application deadline for the Chinese Scholarship Council falls in the month of March each year. The scholarship covers tuition fees, airfare expenses, and a living allowance, all of which extend for a duration of up to 4 years. This particular scholarship is categorized as an entrance scholarship, exclusively available for those pursuing a doctoral degree. It is open to international students.

#4 Dr. P. Anthony Johnstone Memorial Bursary

The submission deadline for this opportunity is October 1st. The scholarship consists of four bursaries, each valued at $1,000. International students pursuing either a master’s or a doctoral degree can apply. This chance is open to both Canadian and international students who meet the necessary criteria.

#5 FGS Emergency Bursary

The FGS Emergency Bursary holds an ongoing application deadline. It offers financial support of up to $1,000. This bursary is offered for a master’s or doctoral degree. Both Canadian and international students are eligible to apply for the FGS Emergency Bursary.

#6 John and Lena Graham Commonwealth Bursary

The John and Lena Graham Commonwealth Bursary deadline is October 1. This bursary provides four awards, each valued at $1,000. It falls under the category of in-program scholarships and is open to individuals pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree. This opportunity is exclusively available for international students hailing from Commonwealth countries.

#7 Killam Impact Award

The Killam Impact Award application must be submitted by July 14. This award consists of two prizes, each worth $2,000. This scholarship is for a doctoral or master’s degree. This opportunity is exclusively open to current Killam Scholars.

#8 Killam International Research Award

This award is valued at $6,000. It is intended for individuals pursuing a doctoral degree. This opportunity is exclusively available to current Killam Scholars. The Killam International Research Award application must be submitted by August 31.

#9 Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Level 1 (Master’s) and Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Level 2 (Doctoral)

For Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Level 1 (Master’s), the scholarship provides a substantial sum of up to $42,000 per year, which can be received for up to two years. Additionally, there’s an extra $2,500 allocated for international tuition fees and a relocation allowance if needed. This scholarship is categorized as an entrance scholarship and is available for those pursuing a thesis-based master’s degree. Both Canadian and international students are eligible to apply.

On the other hand, the Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Level 2 (Doctoral) also offers up to $42,000 per year, which can be granted for up to three years. A relocation allowance is also provided if required. This scholarship can be obtained through either entrance or in-program applications and is open to those pursuing a doctoral degree. All international students are eligible to apply for the Killam Scholarship. Importantly, both of these scholarships can be renewed.

#10 Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements

Application deadlines are set for June 5 and October 1, aligning with Dalhousie’s institutional schedule. This supplement carries a value of $6,000. It is accessible to individuals pursuing either a master’s or doctoral degree.

#11 Mitacs Globalink Research Award

Mitacs Globalink Research Award offers a scholarship value of $6,000 to support academic pursuits. It offers both master’s and doctoral degree levels for Canadian and international students seeking educational advancement.

#12 Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral – Masters

The Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship offers two variants: one for Doctoral students and the other for Master’s students pursuing a thesis-based degree.

For the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral, the value stands at $15,000 annually, which can be received for a maximum of four years. This scholarship operates as an entrance scholarship, specifically designed for individuals beginning their doctoral studies.

The Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship – Masters, on the other hand, offers a value of $10,000 per year, which is available for up to two years. Like its counterpart, this scholarship also functions as an entrance scholarship, targeting students embarking on a thesis-based master’s degree. The opportunity is open to Canadian and international students alike.

#13 Scotia Scholars Award from Research Nova Scotia

This award has a value of $12,500 per year, spanning up to two years for Master’s students, and $18,750 per year, extending over two years for Doctoral students. The Scotia Scholars Award, presented by Research Nova Scotia, sets its application deadline for April 20.

#14 The President’s Awards

The President’s Awards, a distinguished academic honor, offers an esteemed value of $2,500 per term, which accumulates to a generous total of $15,000 over a span of up to six terms.

#15 The Vitamin Scholarship – Master’s | The Vitamin Scholarship – Doctoral

The Vitamin Scholarship offers substantial financial assistance, providing $19,000 per year for one year for the master’s level and $21,000 per year for up to two years for the doctoral level.

#16 Travel grant

Make sure to apply at least one month before your travel dates. This scholarship brings a value of $500 to assist you. It’s categorized as an in-program scholarship and suits those pursuing a thesis-based masters or doctoral degree.

#17 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The deadline for Dalhousie applicants is September 30. This scholarship brings a substantial value of $50,000 each year, lasting for three years. It’s a versatile opportunity, available for both those entering the program and those already in it. This scholarship caters to doctoral candidates, regardless of whether they’re Canadian or international students.

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How to Apply for Dalhousie University Scholarships?

  1. Log in to the FGS Scholarship Management Platform. If you have a Dalhousie NetID, use that to log in. If not, create an account with your email and a password. You only need one account even if you’re applying for multiple scholarships.
  2. Make a new scholarship application or edit an existing one from the “My applications” list on your homepage. Please don’t submit multiple applications for the same scholarship.
  3. Upload official transcripts as per the instructions in the application. Combine transcripts from different places into one PDF. If you’re a current Dalhousie student, unofficial grade reports can work.
  4. Agree to terms and conditions, then click “Save and Finalize” to complete and submit the application.
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