Best Netherlands Scholarships For International Students

Are you an international student looking for financial assistance to study in the Netherlands? There are several scholarships available to help you fund your studies and make your college experience more affordable! Here’s a look at the Best Netherlands Scholarships For International Students to consider.

If you are an international student dreaming about studying in the Netherlands, don’t miss this post! Here, uncover five tips on applying for Netherlands Scholarships and making your dream come true.

Have you ever dreamt about studying in the Netherlands? There are plenty of options for international students and receiving a scholarship is one way to make it possible. In this post, we will provide five tips on applying for Netherlands Scholarships and give you the tools to make your dream come true.

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5 Tips For Applying to Best Netherlands Scholarships For International Students

#1 Research Scholarship Options Thoroughly

As an international student, it is important to research when considering applying for a Netherlands Scholarship. Make sure you look into the type of scholarship and the requirements that are related to each option. Knowing the details is essential for writing a successful application and increasing your chances of acceptance. In addition, research any deadlines associated with applications so you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

#2 Understand the Eligibility Requirements for Best Netherlands Scholarships For International Students

Every scholarship has different eligibility requirements and it is up to you to make sure that you understand them. This includes making sure that the scholarship is open to international students and that your academic qualifications meet the criteria in order to be eligible. It’s important to check if there are any other special requirements such as a language proficiency test or a specific major that you may need to provide evidence of. Carefully review all criteria before beginning your application process.

#3 Prepare All Necessary Documents In Advance

As part of the application process to any Netherlands Scholarship, you’ll be required to submit certain documents like copies of your academic transcripts and proof of financial need. It’s important to take the time to assemble these documents in advance. Doing so will ensure that you can submit a complete application before the deadline. Make sure that all required documents are included and also double-check for spelling and grammar errors.

#4 Make Sure Your Application Is Error-Free

Once you’ve finished completing the application, take some extra time to proofread your work for any spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Be sure to read it out loud too – this can help you detect typos that you may have otherwise overlooked. After you are satisfied with your application, have someone else proofread it as well. This way, you can rest assured that your application is error-free when you submit it.

#5 Follow Up With the Best Netherlands Scholarships For International Students if Necessary

Don’t hesitate to contact the program to follow up on your submission. Sending an email or making a phone call shows your interest in the school and your enthusiasm for the scholarship opportunity. If you don’t hear back from them right away, follow up once more some weeks later. You can also try inquiring through their social media channels – some organizations may be quicker to respond this way.

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Best Netherlands Scholarships for International students

#1 Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS)

The Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) is part of a unique initiative to let international students experience quality education in the Netherlands. OTS covers living expenses, tuition fees, and visa costs for selected courses at participating universities. Eligible applicants include non-EU/EEA citizens with excellent academic records who meet the age requirement of 18 to 35 years old.

To Apply – You can read about the – Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS)

Amsterdam Merit Scholarship

The Amsterdam Merit Scholarship is available at the University of Amsterdam and offers a full or partial tuition fee waiver to top international students. Students must demonstrate excellence in their academic achievements as well as leadership skills, extracurricular activities and community service. The scholarship awards range from €7,000 – €15,000 per year depending on the student’s financial needs. Additionally, the successful applicant will be considered for jobs and internships in Amsterdam during and after the completion of their degree program.

To Apply – You can read about the – Amsterdam Merit Scholarship

Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship is available to international students who wish to pursue their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in the Netherlands. It provides a one-off payment of €5,000 for living costs to help international students cover tuition fees and other expenses. This scholarship aims to encourage talented international students from outside the European Union (EU) to study a fully-funded degree program at any Dutch higher education institution.

To Apply – You can read about the – Holland Scholarship

Erasmus Plus Student and Trainee Scholarships

The Erasmus Plus Student and Trainee Scholarships are available to both international and domestic students looking to improve their educational experience in the Netherlands. It is open to any student studying or training for a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of one year. These scholarships offer financial support for activities including tuition fees, accommodation, meals, transportation costs, and insurance. Some universities may also provide additional funding for special activities related to the student’s studies.

To Apply – You can read about the – Erasmus Plus Student and Trainee Scholarships

StuNed International Scholarships

The StuNed International Scholarships are awarded to students from developing countries who wish to take part in a long-term program at a Dutch higher education institution. These scholarships cover fees, living costs, and travel expenses for selected students for the entire duration of their program. StuNed International Scholarships also offer tuition waivers for certain courses. Furthermore, students may be able to bring family members to the Netherlands together if they demonstrate evidence of sufficient financial stability.

To Apply – You can read about the – The StuNed International Scholarships

DutchCulture | TransArtists International Residencies Grant

This grant is for international artists or researchers applying to do a residency program in the Netherlands. The DutchCulture TransArtists International Residencies Grant provides funds for travel, accommodation and other costs associated with international residency in the Netherlands. To be eligible, applicants must be from outside the Netherlands and have their own personal or research-based project plan accepted by a host institution.

To Apply – You can read about the – DutchCulture | TransArtists International Residencies Grant

AAS-FEB Passport Grant Programme

The AAS-FEB Passport Grant Programme was developed to support international artists and researchers in the early stages of their careers. This grant offers financial support for international students studying or conducting research in the Netherlands, with a focus on increasing diversity and internationalization in Dutch higher education. Successful applicants receive €950 per month and are eligible to apply two or three times a year. To meet the requirements, applicants must have an approved residence permit, prove their income sources, and provide references from their home country.

To Apply – You can read about the – AAS-FEB Passport Grant Programme

University of Leiden Excellence Scholarships

The University of Leiden is one of the top higher education institutions in the Netherlands, offering a range of scholarships for international students. The Excellence Scholarship provides financial support to talented, non-EU/EEA students who want to pursue their bachelor’s degree or postgraduate studies at the university. This scholarship covers both tuition fees and living costs and can last up to two years, depending on the student’s progress and academic performance. To apply, applicants must have an offer from any program available at the university, at least an overall score of 65% in their previous degree (if applicable), and submit materials such as academic statements and references.

To Apply – You can read about the – University of Leiden Excellence Scholarships

Holland Circular Hotspot Scholarship Programs

The Netherlands Government has established the Holland Circular Hotspot Scholarship Program to attract students from all over the world, who are interested in pursuing a career in circular economy and sustainability studies. This scholarship provides an allowance of € 18,000 to support living and studying costs while pursuing a one-year Master’s program in relevant disciplines such as Nature-Based Solutions or Sustainable Energy & Climate Studies. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must have an offer from one of the host universities, provide documents such as scientific references, cover letters, and previous studies transcript/diploma, and meet certain language requirements (English B2+).

To Apply – You can read about the – Holland Circular Hotspot Scholarship Programs

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